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  1. DLF

    Mark VIII Rear Lower Control Arms and Knuckles

    I'm looking for a good set of Mark VIII rear lower control arms and knuckles, bushing condition not important. The lower control arms must include the 4 Torx bolts and nuts. I don't need the hubs with the knuckles. Pickup at Carlisle would be perfect.
  2. DLF

    Inline Tube Stainless Steel Rear Brake Lines ** SOLD **

    Since I sold my SC, I now have an extra set. $200 cash, delivery to Carlisle preferred. Otherwise, buyer to pay shipping.
  3. DLF

    NOS Keyless Entry Keypad ** SOLD **

    $50 shipped (lower 48) Payment via PayPal.
  4. DLF

    '95 Pearl White 5 Speed ** SOLD **

    Too many cars, time to sell at least one. :( Near perfect interior, some minor paint issues, no rust. 117,656 miles Details on my Garage page. $6,995 OBO
  5. DLF

    Brake Valve/Junction?

    In the rear brake lines at the rear of the Driver's fenderwell. What exactly is this thing? Anyone know the part number? Where can I get one? It's leaking at the rubber o-ring/seal in the middle. Thanks!
  6. DLF

    NEW Cobra Rear Hubs and Bearings *** SOLD ***

    Brand New FRPP Cobra Rear Hubs and Wheel Bearings. $325 shipped (lower 48), payment via PayPal to
  7. DLF

    Obsolete Forward Strut Rod Sleeves

    FWIW, I've designed and made replacement (improved design) stainless steel sleeves for the (obsolete from Ford) forward strut rod bushings. Details HERE.
  8. DLF

    M90 ARP 12-Point Stainless Mounting Bolts ** SOLD OUT **

    As these come in 5 packs, I bought some extra to make up 4 kits. Installed pics in this thread: 1 - 12mm x 1.75 x 100mm 2 - 8mm x 1.25 x 100mm $30 shipped (lower 48), payment via PayPal to
  9. DLF

    NEW Keyless Entry Keypad ** SOLD **

    $50 shipped (lower 48) Payment via PayPal.
  10. DLF

    Fun with Instruments

    Changed over to a volt meter in place of the factory boost gauge. Installed a FJO Racing WBO2 system and digital gauge. I've had one on my Cobra for years, and picked this one up NIB for very little on eBay. :) Found and installed brand new instrument and radio surround panels. :D Used the...
  11. DLF

    Koni 8641-1209SPORT Front Shock Inserts

    FYI I just spoke with Lee at Koni-NA. The Koni front shock inserts are discontinued and no longer available. :( The KONI factory shipped zero sets of the 8641-1209SPORT front inserts world-wide in 2010. There were sales of inserts that were already in the supply chain. I bought my last set...
  12. DLF

    94-95 Instrument Panel Surround

    I'm looking for as perfect a surround as I can find. No cracks, scratches, broken tabs or missing clips. Pics and price shipped to 08731 to Thanks
  13. DLF

    NEW Upper Radiator Hose ** SOLD **

    Are these discontinued? I found this one brand new in my garage, and I won't be using it (FMIC:cool:). E9SZ-8260-E KM-1808 What's a fair price? + $10.50 shipping in the lower 48.
  14. DLF

    Stainless Steel Caliper Relocation Brackets

    Since I've had my original relocation brackets in longer than anyone else :cool:, I ran into an issue with the bolts rusting into the brackets. :( So, when I did the conversion last year on my LSC, I made a set out of 304 SS and used A4 stainless bolts as well. I'm considering making a batch...
  15. DLF

    Set of 3 Steel Tensioner Pulleys ** SOLD **

    Used, good bearings. I installed aluminum pulleys instead. $30 shipped (lower 48), payment via PayPal to
  16. DLF

    Jackshaft Bearing Removal

    Has anyone successfully removed the jackshaft and bearing, without damaging it? I'd like to get the bracket powder coated.
  17. DLF

    Jackshaft Pulley Aluminum Alloy?

    I'm not sure who made this, but I need to know the aluminum alloy that was used to make it, in order to get it properly hardcoated. Anyone know? p.s. Thanks Damon!
  18. DLF

    OEM Rear Sub-Frame Mounts ** SOLD **

    Just in case someone is looking for stock parts. Here's a set (2 front - 2 rear) of stock sub-frame mounts in good shape that I've cleaned up. I also have two good upper plates. $111 shipped (lower 48).
  19. DLF

    5% Hardcoated Aluminum SC Pulley ** SOLD **

    A used BTM 5% Aluminum SC pulley from my car, that I bead blasted and had hardcoat anodized. Matching aluminum nut, also hardcoat anodized. Not used or mounted since it was anodized. I'm running a similar 10% pulley on my car now (third pic). $80 shipped (lower 48)
  20. DLF

    Aluminum Tensioner Pulley Hardcoat Refurb

    If any of you are like me, and purchased the aluminum Wazee (or other brand) tensioner pulleys a few years ago, they probably wore quite quickly and covered your engine with aluminum dust. Well, I have since sent a couple of sets out to be hardcoat anodized, along with the sleeves I make for my...