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  1. chadder1313

    1992 Thunderbird SC

    Well I've been contemplating on selling this car. I really don't want to sell it but, if it sells it sells if it don't it don't. To start off its a 1992 Thunderbird SC. It's white in color and has the AOD. The car had the bumpers and hood painted here recently so it looks really well for its...
  2. chadder1313

    My new toy!

    Well i havent been on here for a while as Ive been doing the military thing. I did however manage to get my hands on this 2012 GT Brembo car. These 5.0s are just nasty in stock form. Cant wait to procharge it! May sell my SC to mod this thing but not sure though. What y'all think?
  3. chadder1313

    O2 Sensors

    Anybody have a set of good o2's for a 92 laying around that you would let go? If so let me know. Thanks
  4. chadder1313

    SCP Fresh Air 3.5' CAI

    As the title states it is the SCP Fresh Air 3.5' CAI. It might only have like 2k miles in it. Like new. $115 shipped.
  5. chadder1313

    Oxygen Sensor Question

    Do oxygen sensors have anything to do with timing? If so what could a possible bad oxygen sensor do with the timing?
  6. chadder1313

    Its not a SC but its a Big Block EFI 460 PICS ADDED!!

    I know, i know but i couldnt resist picking it up. Its a 88 F-250 4x4 5spd. regular cab. Besides the T-Birds i got a love for the 87-97 F-250,350 Ford Pickups. My question is anybody have experience modding the big block in these trucks? I mean, Im not complaining about the power, it runs...
  7. chadder1313

    Small Block Swap

    I'm really considering this swap because I have another SC to use my SC stuff on, and I think that I can make more reliable horsepower with the small block. Plus I have a 5.0 out of a 92 sport on the stand begging me to use it. My questions are whats all involved with the motor mounts? I...
  8. chadder1313

    Alternator Mounting Questions

    Is the little bracket behind the alternator a necessity to bolt back on because it is a PIA?
  9. chadder1313

    Cam and crank sensors

    If anyone has good working units please shoot me a PM. Preferably 89-93 units. Thanks
  10. chadder1313

    Intermitant Check Engine Light, Battery Light and Long Crank

    Ive been having these weird issues with the car lately. I first noticed the long cranking while hot. Once started the car runs great. Then a short while thereafter the check engine light would just randomly come on and the car would still run fine without any issues. Keep in mind this is over...
  11. chadder1313

    8' IC Fan

    8' IC Fan. Pm me if ya got one you would like to sell. Thanks
  12. chadder1313

    Drag Radial Rubber?

    I'm just wondering what you guys do for the rubber that flings on to the rear bumper cover. I had a big problem with this before it was painted and now that its painted I dont want it sticking to the rear bumper now.
  13. chadder1313

    Which nitrous kit??

    Well Ive made my mind up as to what the plans are for 2011. Ive decided to go with nitrous as my next step. Which kit is suited best for our cars?
  14. chadder1313

    Weird Speedo Problem

    I went to have the car washed today in a automatic car wash. When it was about halfway during the wash the speedo starting acting erratically. The really weird thing is that the speedo seems to be moving with the tach. Very weird. Anyone have a clue as to what this may be? I hope water...
  15. chadder1313

    Wheels in our Bolt Pattern

    Wheres the best place to look for wheels with our bolt pattern? Im in the market for some new shoes!
  16. chadder1313

    SC Rotor Pack Questions

    I have a MP2 on the car now with god only knows how many miles. I know the rotor pack is wore out due to the noises it makes. My question is how much power is it taking from me through parasitic loses? I know have a brand new rotor pack to replace it with but that is a bugging question in my...
  17. chadder1313

    Good SC Rotor Pack

    As title says I'm looking for a SC Rotor Pack, coated or un-coated, in good to great condition. PM me if anyone has one available. Thanks
  18. chadder1313

    MP 10% Crank pulley

    Like the title says. Excellent shape! $200 shipped! Or will trade for a 5% jack-shaft and like $70 cash. All reasonable offers accepted.
  19. chadder1313

    Shimming Roller Rockers

    What is the procedure for this?
  20. chadder1313

    Problems w/ MLS HG's W/ PICS

    Well after a weekend full of working on this car, I finally got it running only to find out these Fel-Pro MLS Head Gaskets are leaking where the head meets the deck. They were torqued down in three different torque sequences. 35-55-75 ft. lbs. I started it and it idles perfect. It did miss...