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    Fuel line quick connects

    I have an '89 SC and I am about to pull off the intake manifold. I am being held up by the quick connects on the fuel rail. I seem to recall that these things have always been a complete PITA. For the large one, my 5/8" quick connect tools seem to be too small and my 3/4" tools seem to be too...
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    What are my options for shocks?

    I have an '89 SC with the adjustable ride. I don't think I have ever changed the shocks. I can't seem to find the electrically adjustable shocks anywhere. Can mine be rebuilt? Are there other options?
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    Rhoades lifters

    Has anyone tried Rhoades lifters on their SC? I have an '89 5 speed. A while back, I swapped in a more aggressive cam (.505 lift, 202 Dur at .050 I & E) and I have been disappointed with the results. While I did gain power in the upper RPMS, I lost the massive torque on the low end. I have been...
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    M5R2 manual transmission rebuild parts

    I have not been able to find a rebuild kit for the M5R2-RKE five speed transmission in my '89 SC. Ebay is full of rebuild kits for the M5OD-R2 that came in Ford trucks. Does anyone know what the difference is between the two kits? Or better yet, does anyone know where I can get a rebuild kit for...
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    Did I buy the wrong Fuel Tank?

    I just bought a new fuel tank from RockAuto for my '89 SC. The new tank just arrived and it is roughly rectangular and made of metal. The tank in my SC seems to be plastic and shaped kind of like a triangle with a big divot through the middle (to clear the driveshaft). I notice that both...
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    Diagnostic equipment

    Having just failed smog, I am once again wishing for some sort of diagnostic equipment to help me troubleshoot these kind of issues. Is there some instrment out there that I can buy that will allow me to find out when my emission look like before I go to the smog station? I know that california...
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    Failed Smog Badly, need help.

    I have an '89 SC and I just failed smog badly, and I have no idea where to look. I hope that one of you guys can give me some ideas. It failed on HC, CO, and NO although it seemed to fail the worst on NO. I have attached the results. Here are the other symptoms: The car runs great, although...
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    Where can I buy an oil level sensor?

    Does anyone know where I can buy an oil level sensor for an '89 SC? I have searched all the usual places (RockAuto, Autozone, ebay etc) and I can't find one. I could find one for '94-97 SCs, but it does not look the same.
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    Need CA Smog advice

    my '89 SC recently failed a smog check here in CA. The puzzling thing is that it failed on both NO and HC emissions, although not by much. I completely rebuilt the engine in '05. I also replaced virtually every emission part at that time, including O2 sensors and Cats, but not the MAF. In fact...
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    Mark VIII Air suspension on an SC?

    I was at the junkyard the other day and I ended up looking over the air suspension on a Mark VIII. It looks an awful lot like the SC suspension. Has anyone tried to retrofit it? Any good guesses as to whether it would work or not?
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    front mounted intercooler for $235?

    I just came across this intercooler on ebay: By my measurements, it appears it would fit. Can anyone see...
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    WTB VMM any condition

    I have a VMM in my '89 SC that is in great condition except that I lost the stupid little button on the left side. All I really need is that little button from an early VMM. I can take a Vmm in any condition as long as it has the button.
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    Need a VMM, or two

    I have an '89 SC and I have lost the little button and one of the metal springs for my Vmm. I also have a '90 SC where the Vmm has completely fallen apart. So I guees I need about 1 1/2 Vmms. Anybody got one? Why did all of our Vmms fall apart at the same time?
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    Need Picture of EGR system

    I have an '89 SC % speed. I failed a smog check and it is likely that the EGR valve is my problem. I can just barely see the valve itself, but I have no idea where the tube is or where it goes. I have the factory manual, but I cannot find any coverage of teh EGR system in it. Does anybody...
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    Tool to read ABS codes

    I have an SC with ABS. Recently, I ran into a problem with the ABS and I wanted to read the codes form the ABS. I searched the forum but nobody could identify a tool that could read the codes from the ABS controller. I called around to scanner companies and found that EQUUS/INNOVA had a very...
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    How hard to Swap SC suspension onto LX

    I would like to build an SC with a supercharged 5.0. I have a '91 SC and a '91 5.0. I can either swap the V8 into the SC, or swap the SC interior, suspension and body panels onto the 5.0. I am leaning towards swapping the SC stuff onto the 5.0 because, in California, an engine swap makes you...
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    New clutch is "grabby"

    I have an '89 SC 5 speed. I just had the clutch replaced after the the pilot bearing disintegrated. I put in a new version of the same clutch I had in it before. This is just the plain vanilla organic clutch from Southland Clutch here in San Diego. The only thing different is that the clutch is...
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    Converting from Auto to 5Speed

    I have a '90 SC that I am converting from Automatic to 5 Speed. I have pulled a bunch of parts off a '90 SC 5 speed in the junkyard. I am hoping that someone has done this before and can tell me if my parts list is complete. Here is what I have pulled so far: Transmission w/shifter and slave...
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    How hard is it to swap ride control?

    How hard is it to swap the ride control from a '90 SC to a 91-93 5.0? Also, I have heard that some 5.0s had the ride control. Is that true?
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    Does anyone have a VIN "C" T-Bird?

    Every time I go to teh auto parts store and tell them I have an SC, I am asked if it is VIN "C" or VIN "R". Every SC I have ever seen is VIN "R". Does anybody have the VIN "C"? What are the differences? The only thing I could see in the factory manual is that the VIN "C" supposedly has a 40...