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  1. chadder1313

    95 SC for sale

    You gotta a Pm
  2. chadder1313

    89 SC 5speed

    89 sc I'm interested and have the cash. My only concern is getting it into the US. Is it possible for you to call me. My number is 304 839 2526. Call me.
  3. chadder1313

    Twin turbo 5.0 Cobra Jet

    Yeah I just bought a 12 GT as well, and these coyotes are monsters bone stock! With a 125 shot and slicks they are in the 10s. I'm not to worried about the direct injection as I'm sure the power increase isn't going to be that mind blowing. I do however wish I bought a auto mustang though.
  4. chadder1313

    1992 Thunderbird SC

    Under carriage is spotless man. I can't believe for 3k nobody hasn't scarfed his thing up.
  5. chadder1313

    1992 Thunderbird SC

    Bump for price drop. $3000 OBO
  6. chadder1313

    1992 Thunderbird SC

    I'd go $3500 but that's my bottom dollar.
  7. chadder1313

    1992 Thunderbird SC

    Bump for the week
  8. chadder1313

    1992 Thunderbird SC

    300/300 at the 2010 SC shootout. The Dirty Dog non locking converter does nothing for horsepower numbers.
  9. chadder1313

    1992 Thunderbird SC

    Bump! Theres alot of money in this car. Dont hesitate to shoot me offers. I will not get offended.
  10. chadder1313

    1992 Thunderbird SC

    Well I've been contemplating on selling this car. I really don't want to sell it but, if it sells it sells if it don't it don't. To start off its a 1992 Thunderbird SC. It's white in color and has the AOD. The car had the bumpers and hood painted here recently so it looks really well for its...
  11. chadder1313

    My new toy!

    Hey slowpoke what do ya got available? Right now it's tuned, JLT CAI, Offroad X, and a Pypes axleback. So I figure the warranty is pretty much out the window. My next mods will be a SC of some sort and some suspension goodies. The reason I say I may sell the SC is because it pretty much just...
  12. chadder1313

    My new toy!

    Well i havent been on here for a while as Ive been doing the military thing. I did however manage to get my hands on this 2012 GT Brembo car. These 5.0s are just nasty in stock form. Cant wait to procharge it! May sell my SC to mod this thing but not sure though. What y'all think?
  13. chadder1313

    Fair price for a used MPX?

    I'd say anywhere between 800-1200 bucks.
  14. chadder1313

    Head Gaskets Were Definately Blown

    I think I may have the same problem. Did the car run normal under normal driving conditions? Was the car still running properly or was it missing and or smoking?
  15. chadder1313

    anyone have a car fax???

    If its a 95 it should be a DI powerstroke. The 94 was the weird strange transition year.
  16. chadder1313

    SCP exhaust install

    Yeah my SCP system does the same thing. I think the problem is in the mufflers though.
  17. chadder1313

    prototype splitport

    Im in!! I will be watching closely!
  18. chadder1313

    top speed

    I Know for a fact a slightly modded one will reach an indicated 145 MPH on the speedo.:D
  19. chadder1313

    O2 Sensors

    Ill take them. Hopefully they are good! PM me with payment info.
  20. chadder1313

    O2 Sensors

    Anybody have a set of good o2's for a 92 laying around that you would let go? If so let me know. Thanks