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  1. Nando559

    WTB driver side rubber trim

    Anyone parting out an early model SC? I need the rubber body trim that is on the drivers side quarter panel
  2. Nando559

    Finally back!

    Well after a few years after selling my first car, 1990 SC auto, I'm back into the SC world! This time I picked up a 35th 5 speed(non moonroof) all thanks to my great buddy Ddubb!:cool: I've posted some pictures on the Facebook and will post some up on here when I figure it out off of my phone...
  3. Nando559

    15A fuse blows!

    Im working on a 1990 Thunderbird SC Automatic. When I replace the fuse for the interior lamps(under the dash) it blows out right away. I tried adding a 30 amp fuse and everything worked again but fried the fuse box by the next day:p I replaced the fuse box and Im stuck with the same issue again...
  4. Nando559

    misc parts for sale

    SOLD -Fernando
  5. Nando559

    putting a blower together

    When you put the snout on the rotor pack, do you add any sealant where they meet so the SC fluid is less likely to leak? If you do, what kind?
  6. Nando559

    Looking for flywheel

    Im looking for a stock early model flywheel. Prefer one off a 90-93 five speed. Respond here, pm or email with price shipped to 93202.
  7. Nando559

    Roll Call

    Lets see who is still here or is new to this chapter. If we see who is around and where each person is located then we could set up a mid point location to maybe get a "meet" going. So state name and location please. Fernando....Armona(Central Cali)
  8. Nando559

    I'm back!

    No one probably noticed but I was gone for a little bit. Well things come up and I had no money to throw at my SC nor time so I lost interest. Well its true, after you own a always come back to one. So Im back into getting my SC on the road and painted. I see that the meet did not go...
  9. Nando559

    94/95 blower and plenum

    I have a 94/95 blower with plenum that has been painted black with the rotor pack collar polished and stock pulley also polished. I put a new snout seal and new solid coupler. Comes with a egr block off plate installed. 400 shipped -Fernando
  10. Nando559

    Post pictures

    Hey guys. post some pics of your SC! I want to see how different Our Cali SC's are compare to the "others". :rolleyes: -Fernando
  11. Nando559

    AOD housing

    Quick question, are the N/A AOD housings the same as the SC AOD housing? I beleave they are but I just want to be 100% sure. Thanks in advance -Fernando
  12. Nando559

    Gauge clusters

    I have a 120MPH cluster for $60 shipped obo and a 145mph cluster (SOLD) in the US.
  13. Nando559

    AOD internals

    What makes the SC AOD different from a N/A and 5.0 AOD? Can a non SC AOD be reworked so that it will work on our SC's? Thanks in advance -Fernando
  14. Nando559

    AOD weight and best way to ship?

    Does anyone know the weight of a SC AOD transmission? Also, what is the best way to ship a transmission and what company should be used?Thanks in advance -Fernando
  15. Nando559

    Transmission problems!

    I've had my AOD transmission rebuilt three times already. when I get to 55mph and the transmission shifts, its like it goes to neutral. Then I need to completely stop the car to be able to drive it again but I need to go under 55mph. Can anyone let me kno whats going on? Ive had different shops...
  16. Nando559

    WTB SC wrench

    I'm looking for a SC top spanner nut wrench. If anyone has one laying around and wants to get rid of it let me know what you are wanting for it shipped to 93202. Post or send a pic to.... nandoleon559 at yahoo dot com -Fernando
  17. Nando559

    Replacing dipstick tube

    I have a 1990 Thunderbird SC Auto. My original engine oil dipstick tube broke off. I don't know when but whoever broke it had put some type of grey putty to hold it together:mad: I bought a replacement tube from a fellow member on here. The difference is that the tube I bought has 2 stop bumps...
  18. Nando559


    User Name: Sics6 Vendor/Individual: Individual Comments: This is a GREAT SELLER! He communicates VERY WELL. I asked about several things and he provided plenty of pictures. What he asked for the items shipped was VERY reasonable. Everything was shipped and he provided the tracking number as...
  19. Nando559


    Email Address: User Name: 96tbird3.8 Vendor/Individual: Individual DO NOT buy from this seller. He responds to messages quick. As soon as he takes your money, you don't hear or receive anything from him! I paid for a thermostat housing on is 9-21-2011 NOW and I've gotten NO...
  20. Nando559

    A few SC parts for sale.. MAKE OFFERs

    Well I'm cleaning out the garage. So what I find and don't need at the moment is for sale. Make a offer on anything listed if interested. -2 IRCM E9SF-12B581-AB -2 STOCK SC tops -90 SC rear bumper -DIS #F1SF-12A297-BA -Fernando