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    FS: Splitfire Plug Wires for in box

    I have a set of new Splitfire ignition wires for 3.8L Super Coupes. I bought them from a vendor on Ebay, and I never used them. They are new in the box. I sold my car, so these must go. I paid $59 for them plus $9 shipping = $68.00. $50 shipped to lower 48 states. Paypal or money order...
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    SC Parts For Sale on Ebay

    Hey guys, got a few things for sale on Ebay. Check them out here...
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    FS: 1990 35th Anniversary AOD

    Hey guys, Decided to sell my 35th. It is an AOD (automatic) car with 78,000 original miles on it. I am the second owner. The mileage is documented thanks to Carfax. The car was re-painted due to clearcoat fading. It was painted all black (instead of black and silver). Deffinately not a...
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    WTB: Cobra R Wheels for Thunderbird

    Anyone have a set of 17"x9" Cobra R wheels with the Thunderbird bolt pattern? Let me know what ya got. Thanks. Randy
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    WTT: 35th Wheels for SC Wheels

    Hey guys, I got a set of 1990 35th wheels in good shape. They have 4 brand new Toyo 245/50/16's on them....about 500 miles on tires, like new. I'm looking for a clean set of 1990-1993 SC wheels with real good tires. I will trade straight up. Let me know what you got. Local swap only...
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    WTB: 5% Pulley

    Hi guys, looking for a 5% Pulley, in great shape. Thanks.
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    What is a nice 35th Anny worth?

    Hey guys, I need some input from you guys. How much would you pay for a 1990 35th Anniversary SC in nice shape with 79,000 miles on it? I found one for sale in my area and I want to buy it. The car was re-painted, but it looks mint. The interior is very clean also. It runs great with no...
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    FS: 35th Anniversary Seats

    I have a set of 35th Anniversary seats for sale. They are the black and grey ones with blue piping, from a 1990 35th SC. The fronts are in poor condition and need to be re-covered. The back seat is OK if you are not looking for perfect. The fronts are both full power and worked perfect. The...
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    FS: Complete Supercharger Set-up from 1990 SC

    I have a complete supercharger set-up from my 1990 SC for sale. The car ran great until the balancer pulley came apart. Made 12 lbs of boost with the stock pulley. I have everything, intercooler, pipes, throttle body, inlet, top, sensors, etc. $375 Local pick-up ONLY in Commack, Long...
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    FS: Tail Light Set from 1990 SC

    I have a complete set of tail lights from a 1990 SC. The two rear corner lights and the trunk panel lights. In very good condition. $75 plus shipping. Paypal or money order only.
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    FS: Door Panels from 1990 SC...Grey

    I have a very nice set of door panels from a 1990 SC. They are light grey and are in very good shape. I also have the rear interior panels in excellent shape. $100 Door panels $75 Rear panels $150 for all Local pick-up only in Commack, Long Island, NY
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    FS: 1990 Thunderbird SC AOD in New York

    Hi, Check out my SC on Ebay. It needs work, and I am done fixing it. If anyone from here wants it, I will end the auction early. I would like to see the car go to somone who can...
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    FS: Factory Ford Service Manuals for SC

    Check these out. Got them from a friend who works for Ford. Randy
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    FS: Intercooler fan kit w/ adjustable controller

    Hi guys, Got a Super Coupe Performance intercooler fan kit for sale. I installed it and used it for about 2 weeks, and then removed it to sell the car. It is wired up nicely with an inline fuse kit, as seen in the pics. I had it wired to the underhood fuse block. It works awesome, and is in...
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    Fs: 1990 Sc

    Hey guys, Selling my 1990 SC, check it out on Ebay. Thanks. Randy
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    WTB: Blue SC seats in NY area

    Hi guys, Need a set of clean blue seats for my 1990 SC. Mine are shot. I don't care if they are leather or cloth, they just have to be in great shape. Thanks.
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    Detonation on acceleration question?

    Hi guys, Need some help here. I was unable to find help using the search. When I accelerate lightly and lug the motor at low RPM's, I hear heavy detonation, or pinging. It only happens when the motor is under 3000 RPM's and is making about 5 psi of boost. I use only good 93 octane gas...
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    NEED ADVICE: Next mod?

    Hey guys, Need some advice from the pros. I recently purchased a stock 1990 SC, AOD. I spent about $1000 with Bill at I installed a 5% pulley, ASP underdrive pulleys, 3" cold air kit, Pro-M 75mm mass air, intercooler fan, 180 stat, fan controller, and complete...
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    How will it run?

    Hey guys, new SC owner here. I just picked up a totally stock auto 1990 SC. I just ordered some parts from I got a 5% pulley, 180 stat, adjustable fan controller, 3" cold air kit, two 2 1/4" high flow cats, Magnaflow resonator, and dynomax mufflers. I will have the...
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    High Performance help needed?

    Hey guys, I just picked up a 1990 SC. It's all stock, and so far I love it. Anyway, I want to put some more power in this thing. I have been searching this site for a couple of days now, and still have some questions. I want to spend about $1000 to $1500 on it. What is the best way to go...