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    So ... Let's have a meet

    what is the address i will try to make it
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    Meet next Tuesday

    should to be able to be there no bird
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    647 283 3151
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    Parting out a 1997 LX sport

    hey Ryan,I need some parts of your car let me know where the cars is so i can take alook at it thanks Deryck 647-283-3151 or at
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    Al needs a lot of help!!!!

    sorry,Allan we are out of the country and will not be back until Wednesday. Was looking forward to helping ,I sure it is going to be alot of fun good luck Deryck
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    Need an AOD

    have 94 aod it has 200053 km on it
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    For sale

    rad send me picture of the rad thanks Deryck
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    FS-Cobra Brake Upgrade Package

    what size are the rims and how deep are they.what is the brand name of the rims thanks Deryck
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    S-port, Mp Inlet and 42 Injectors

    hey Bruse i'm intrested give me a call 6472833151 thanks Deryck