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    WTT FOR A 94/95 5 speed

    I have a MINT, showroom floor quality 1988 Honda shadow 1100. It runs flawlessly and looks just like it was in the show room floor. Has leather saddle bags and windshield. It has 30k miles,and a clean and clear title in hand. 2 owner bike, ALWAYS garage kept. Leaks nothing! Really have...
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    89-93 ignition switch

    BNIB Borg warner ignition switch. Make offer. Bought it for my 90 xr7. You can text or email thru here or comment. 316-832-8028. Thanks
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    Mike puckett

    Bought a late model case from mike, very pleased with how it was packaged! There was no way it could have been damaged. Got it shipped fast after I sent payment. Very good seller!
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    Late model sc and plenum

    Found what I needed
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    Mustang 3.8l PS pump.

    I have a good motorcraft power steering pump for sale. Doesn't leak and worked fine. Doesn't have the fill cap. It came off of a 94 3.8l mustang. Not for sure of they interchange with t-birds/cougars. Asking $60obo + shipping. It's all boxed up and ready to ship. You can message me...
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    1990 cougarXR7 5 speed

    1990 xr7 5 speed. 153k. Machined heads, rebuilt heads, new MLS head gaskets. Have recipts for work done.! Runs a drives great! Interior in great condition. 2 cracks in the dash, no rips, no tares, no stains, all black cloth interior. Exterior has 1 tiny dent, no rust, usual clear cost...
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    10% OD sc pulley....SOLD

    Got a march performance 10% OD steel pulley. Would like around $65 obo....Not exactly sure what its worth. Or I would rather trade it for a 5% OD. Text 316-832-8028 for more info or pm me thru here. Thanks.
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    Power seat switches

    Looking for the power seat switch for the passenger side and driver side for my 1990 cougar. It's all black interior. Lmk what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks.
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    90 xr7 5 speed $3400. No rust-SOLD

    Ok, got my 1990 cougar xr7 5 speed for sale or trade. It has 152k and it has new head gaskets, decked an rebuilt heads. I should have recipts for all work an parts done. It runs great and it's my daily driver but I just want a truck again. The car has every option but a moon roof...
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    Xr7 Died while driving.

    I was drivin to work today and my 90 xr7 just died. It won't restart. It just cranks. No up shift light or anything. It's never done this before, it has always ran. I'm at work and can't look at it, but what are some things that usually cause this. I'm thinking, can posotion...
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    Headlight problem

    I have a 90 xr7 with autodim option and im having this problem with the headlights. I manually turn the headlights on, they stay on but sometimes all the lights(dash and headlights) flicker and shut off then come back on an flicker some more and SOMETIMES come back on without doing...
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    Headlight switch

    In looking for a good headlight switch for my 90 cougar xr7. Lmk what you have and how much you need for it shipped to 67010. Thanks.
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    10% OD SC pulley sold

    I have a March Performance 10% OD SC pulley. It's steel and in good condition. I'm wanting to trade it for a 5%OD SC pulley. The reason?? It's on my 90 cougar with no other mods and I think 10%is to much right now since I'm not gonna be able to do much performance upgrades in the near...
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    Cougar/thunderbird headlight adjusting screws/clips

    I'm looking for the clips to keep the headlights to the adjusting screws. Mine broke and I can't get them from a junk yard or from a dealer(atleast the ford dealership I work at can't get them). I would also be possibly interested in buying both driver and passenger headlights if someone has...
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    Double post

    Double post, sorry.
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    Need some help!

    Ok, I know this isn't a mustang forum, and I'm not a member of one. My wife has a 1994 mustang with the 3.8in it. It started pushing coolant out into the over flow and running the radiator dry. After about a month of doing this I finally got tired of it and started lookin into it. The...
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    Turn signal switch for 90xr7 W/auto dim longer needed.

    Looking for the multi-function switch(turn signal switch) for my 90 xr7. My car HAS the auto dimming lights option. Lmk if you have one and what shape its in and how much you want for it shipped to 67010. Thanks.
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    B&M ripper.

    Looking for a B&M ripper shifter with all components and in good condition. You can PM me. Let me know what you need including shipping to 67010. Thanks.
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    10% OD question

    Ok, I replaced the snout seal in my sc and my pulley got bent up from the puller, I have a 10% OD pulley, is that ok to use? It's a 90 5 speed. All stock. I just use it as a DD not looking for high HP/TQ. It's my only car and just need a car to drive, but I don't want to hurt it. Any...
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    No longer for trade/sale.

    1990 xr7 5 speed. No longer for trade or sale as of right now.