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  1. Mike8675309

    Old Videos

    Found a couple old videos on my old NAS server and threw them up on sccoa facebook. Thought I'd put the links here also. Funny that these videos are all from the early 2000's and with all the cameras around today, no one really is recording the fun they have. I assume everyone is having fun...
  2. Mike8675309

    *SOLD* Thexton EEC-IV Break Out Box

    I am selling my used Thexton #126 EEC-IV Break out box. Used primarily when following the Ford pinpoint tests for diagnosing all sorts of things. Certainly this not a new device, but it works well. I'll let this go today for $80 plus shipping via Paypal or Dwolla. Pay via Google Wallet and...
  3. Mike8675309

    *SOLD* New Old Stock Ford Rear Wheel Bearing

    Still in the sealed box, this is the rear wheel bearing for the SC's. I'm selling this today for $25 plus shipping via Paypal or Dwolla. Pay via Google Wallet I'll take $25 including shipping to addresses in the continential U.S.A. (yes google wallet is much preferred) This will ship US Postal...
  4. Mike8675309

    *SOLD* Thexton 133 - Teves Mark IV brake bleeder tool

    This is one of the unobtainium items needed to properly bleed the ABS system on the 93+ Thunderbird SC's. Purchased from Thexton in 2005, used only once on a Lincoln. I'm selling this today for $70 plus shipping via Paypal or Dwolla. Pay via Google Wallet and I'll take $60 including shipping...
  5. Mike8675309

    *SOLD* Stainless Steel Brake Lines

    Full set of Front and Rear Stainless Steel Brake lines for sale made specifically for the Thunderbird SC by Classic Tube in 2006. I purchased two sets then and only installed the fronts on my 93. The other set was for my 90. So this set has the distribution block needed for the 89 through 92...
  6. Mike8675309

    *SOLD* OTC 4000E Scan Tool

    Selling my OTC 4000E (not enhanced) Scan Tool. Comes with original case and printer as well as Pathfinder 1996 and 1993 Domestic Pathfinder II cartridges and various cables. Used on both my 90 and 93 SC and works for the EEC-IV, ABS computer, and Shock/Power steering computer. Provides guided...
  7. Mike8675309

    Time for Tapatalk support?

    A convo going on over at the Facebook site seems to indicate there would be value if supported Tapatalk. Would that be hard to add to the web site?
  8. Mike8675309

    Sunroof Synchronization problem - Vent position

    This past winter ice built up on roof of the car and a accidentally hitting the sunroof button resulted in the sunroof no longer stopping where it should for closed or open or venting. Today I spent some time attempting to get the sunroof re-synchronized. As those who have worked on the sunroof...
  9. Mike8675309

    Unusual Power Window Motor Failure

    Last fall my drivers side window motor failed in somewhat typical fasion. Where the motor is still running but the glass isn't. So I took a couple hours and was going to replace the motor pegs with some from an old motor I had. So I pull the motor out, open up the gear assembly and look. The...
  10. Mike8675309

    OpenX Vunerability

    I noticed that OpenX is used here for adds so I thought I would point to an issue with that add platform recently discovered. Backdoor in popular ad-serving software opens websites to remote hijacking
  11. Mike8675309

    Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement

    I recently had to replace a rear wheel bearing and though it would be a good job to video and share with others. So I did. Replacing the rear wheel bearing is really quite simple, especially if you need to have someone else do the press work. If you don't have a 20ton press, you will need to...
  12. Mike8675309

    Site slow?

    7:31pm 12/21/2011 and the site seems pretty slow. Anyone else?
  13. Mike8675309

    Site running slow?

    Site seems to be running very slow the last couple days. Anyone else?
  14. Mike8675309

    95mm Throttle Body ** SOLD **

    For sale is a new, never used 95MM Throttle Body that I purchased from Magnum Powers as part of their group buy. I purchased 2, this is my extra one. On sale, this week only, $300 shipped to the continental U.S.A. (contact for estimates surcharge for any international or outside the...
  15. Mike8675309

    80mm C&L MAF Housing w/Sensor ** SOLD **

    For Sale: 80mm C&L MAF off my car which dynoed at over 400rwhp with this unit installed. Comes with Green sample tube and Stock 93SC Ford MAF Air Sensor and a K&N Air Filter which fits the end of the MAF. Sensor, Housing, and Sample tube are in near like new condition. Filter has some wear...
  16. Mike8675309

    event rumors

    Heard a rumor that some big numbers are coming up off the dyno.
  17. Mike8675309

    Understeer - reducing it

    I participated in a few auto-cross events in 2010 and would like to attend a few more this summer/fall. In anticipation of this I was considering my cars over all performance (as well as my performance) and remembered one problem. Something I learned early on is that I needed to slow down more...
  18. Mike8675309

    The Driveshaft Shop Axles

    As part of my winter build up, I will be replacing my stock axles with something more stout. Right now it appears there can be some savings (up to $100) if a group purchase were made. This post is to see if anyone is interested before I go beating on doors and getting hard details. Options...
  19. Mike8675309

    John Force won #15

    John Force clinched his 15th funny car title at Pomona this past Sunday, three years after his massive accident.
  20. Mike8675309

    SC Perspectives

    I found a new issue of Car Craft in my mail box today and as I was paging through it I found an article about a build up of a Brodix 540 cubic inch motor. It made 630hp and 630ft/lbs an an engine dyno. total cost of the build was around $16,000. If you look at at the Shootout results...