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    93 sc

    David I believe is at Super Coupe Unlimited.
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    93 sc

    David Dalke would know or know somebody. Call SuperCoupePerformance. Talk to Bill
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    Grand Prix Injectors

    I pretty sure the cams play a key role in determining this along with volume of air. Lots of underdrive on supercharger and larger cold air intake require larger than 30# factory injectors. For proper fuel to air ratio. My opinion.
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    New Battery Cables for 92 SC 5 speed.

    I made my way to all parts houses. Found some that were made with the small ground wire and also the positive post had little wire made into it for a hot to radio or whatever. Been a while can't remember were I got them but they are out there.
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    Ignition System Problems

    Check all vacuum lines and any attachments in vacuum lines running to/from supercharger. May have to remove inner fender well to access all. There is a supercharger air bypass ran with the vacuum.
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    Car shuts off when hood is slammed shut

    Adjust your hood stands, the little rubber stopper that the hood rest on. Check ground to hood up by the windshield when you open the hood
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    Sorry Bro. I your feeling better.
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    I'm 41 years old. I bought my first when I was 19. I totaled it. But replaced asap. Totaled one is sitting in the field the replacement is in the garage. Will never sell. Love it.