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  1. T-bird4vr

    8.8 rear end center section

    Looking for a stock 8.8 iron center section. I'm in southern AL and can pick up within the neighboring states. I'm not on here much so email maybe better, Thanks
  2. T-bird4vr

    5 speed hydraulic line

    $60 shipped, bought as a spare
  3. T-bird4vr

    OEM M5R2 5 Speed Fiber Lined Syncros Blockers

    I have 4 of these, I assume they are still pretty rare, the last ones on I saw on here were from 2008. I guess $75 obo a piece
  4. T-bird4vr

    8.8 3.55 auburn HP series pumpkin

    $250 obo Wichita KS thanks, Julian 256-617-1983
  5. T-bird4vr

    fully rebuilt m5r2 89-93

    Spent >$300 in all new bearings syncros on the trans. $150 obo Wichita, KS Thanks Julian 256-617-1983
  6. T-bird4vr

    4r70w $50

    has the j-mod and a deep sump, worked great when I removed it, ~120k miles I think Wichita KS Thanks, Julian 256-617-1983
  7. T-bird4vr

    rebuilt and coated supercharger

    Not sure what these are going for, 300 obo Wichita KS Thanks, Julian 256-617-1983
  8. T-bird4vr

    19" ADR X-factors chrome

    I think its a actually a chrome type finish, with chrome hardware. The wheels are all in great shape, there are a couple small blemishes where a bad shop hooked up wheel alignement tool. 600 obo, wichita ks Thanks, Julian 256-617-1983
  9. T-bird4vr

    Al spare

    100 obo, Wichita KS Thanks, Julian 256-617-1983
  10. T-bird4vr

    MT ET street radials on 95 wheels

    Not many miles on them, can't remember exactly how many, maybe 1000 miles. 250 obo, Wichita KS Thanks, Julian 256-617-1983
  11. T-bird4vr

    94 Grey Leather Bucket Seats

    200 obo, Wichita KS Thanks Julian 256-617-1983
  12. T-bird4vr

    95 SC 5spd hurt engine

    see mods member page, i do have a blower that i can put on it and it will run (and still makes good power) but there is blowby past a cylinder so it needs a rebuild. I have a spare engine that I can send with the new owner, i'm just too lazy to clean it up and swap it in. 5spd conversion from...
  13. T-bird4vr


    New* MPX with inlet plenum, rebuilt snout, and GTP coated rotors. This is for the entire supercharger. Bought this to replace the AR but I'm going another route. *I installed the blower once and let the engine idle but never even drove it. $1500
  14. T-bird4vr

    ADR X-factors wheels

    ADR X-Factors wheels 19X8 in great shape, but they do need new tires. I will not ship these. 4.25 or 108mm by 5 $700 obo
  15. T-bird4vr

    1.7l ar sold

    SOLD Thinking about going 5.0L, and seeing if there is a market for this. About 30k on it. Has the aluminum snout brace and the updated mounting style. Would sale with the notched lower intake as I have a spare, so it is a direct bolt on. Has the big and small pulley with tool. PM with...
  16. T-bird4vr

    SCE titan gaskets

    I stumbled onto these posts, I assume these aren't available?
  17. T-bird4vr

    4.2l MLS headgaskets blown?

    Has anyone ever blown these before?
  18. T-bird4vr

    AL driveshaft

    (Partially) cleaning out the garage 3.5" OD 57" u-joint to u-joint Al driveshaft, should be for a 4r70w, not sure about AOD. I switched to an M5R2, so I would need to have this cut down to use. Make an offer. I assume I can just wrap the ends for shipping... FYI: I'll keep the driveshaft...
  19. T-bird4vr

    swapped gears to 2.73's

    I just swapped the old model m5r2 to a 94/95 and went from 3.55's to the stock 2.73's. Man what a change in gear ratios. At first I wanted to put the 3.55's right back in, it definitly isn't as viloent. But now I think I like them more. I still wish these 5spds shifted a little better, but...
  20. T-bird4vr

    Spanner Wrench

    OTC T89P-6634-A 3.8L spanner nut wrench Like this one SCP LINKY except mine is vinyl covered! Just make me an offer