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    Window Problem ( Different Question)

    Hey guys, my driver side window is perfectly fine, my passenger side only reall wants to go down and not up, it gets stuck down and the I have to keep playing with the switch until it goes up maybe like 20minutes haha. so both switches don't want to bring the window up? Sounds odd, could it be...
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    Rust Problem

    yea so there is a 6x6 hole underneath the car on the driver side, you can feel the carpet and there is no metal haha so solutions to this problem? And besides the solution how do I prevent further rust.
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    Extremely Urgent- Ball Joint

    This is extremmmely important and i need a quick answer please. I went to replace the lowerball joints, I got the old ball joint in and the new one just pushed in, I didnt even have to press it in. I'm sorta scared now, I'm sure its the correct one, its the TRW one, I even tried another one...
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    Oil Pressure

    I hooked up an after market electrical oil pressure guage ( autometer). Here is my readings... Startup- 75PSI Warm, 2000 RPM 70PSI Idle seems low, Its about 25 PSI @ 800RPM Is that normal, everything else seems good.
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    Suspension Question

    Currently my car makes a horrible front end noise, it clunks and going over bumps is just scary, sounds like something will fall out or break. So I just bought Two upper control arms w/ball joints and lower ball joints as well as sway bar end link assemblies. What else should I do and/or...
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    Odd Problem- Starting

    Hey, I took the lower intake and everything on top of that off. I replaced the gaskets, etc and also the FPR. I currently have the brake master cylinder out, waiting for an abs pressure switch. But since I had it all apart and what not, I wanted to see If I could get it to start up so I...
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    Argh... Pressure switch

    :mad: There was a post a while back , someone said that the GM pressure switch for the ABS would fit our ABS unit. I am here to tell you that I just wasted $110 on part that wont fit, different wireharness connection plus the the threads look different but didnt try it since I didnt want to...
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    Intake Question

    I removed the lower intake up to reseal it and check it out since i had everything else apart. My brother who works at a mechanic told me the end seals are dumb and just to use a thick bead of silicone for the lower intake. He and this other mechanic claims that they break down with oil,etc...
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    ABS / Possible Relay Issue

    Alright, My brakes failed, I noticed both the ABS And Brake light on and thought it was odd, so I drove very little, pumped the brakes and gradually became as hard as a rock. The accumulator is new, from prior. So I tested various parts of the ABS system via Ford Manual. I changed out the relay...
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    Engine Mount

    My car is missing the bolt that connects the engine to the mount.. what size bolt and thread is that bolt so I can get one and put it in... Thanks
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    Exhaust Question...

    Hey guys, How much is the typical price to get all new piping and to weld in a resonator and mufflers? The piping on mine got bent when I backed into a curb which broke some hangers and now it clunks and its noisy and it sounds like crap. It was aftermarket, just true duel with flowmasters (...
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    Exhaust Question -

    Guys, I'm trying to do my fuel pump, and I cant remove the exhaust, I spent two hours trying to get the stupid exhaust pipes from the manifolds... I need some ideas or I think i might just leave it in the road for the next couple of months which I don't really want to do... So please can...
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    help- No fuel Pressure

    Went to work no problem, about to go home crank the car and it wont start... I cant hear the fuel pump priming. Took a can of starting fluid sprayed in the intake and it started for a second, so ITS definatly a fuel issue. Where is the fuel relay? Where can I test whatever I need to test...
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    EEC swap

    What year EEC's can you swap? Would a 93 EEC work in a 92?
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    Experts...Please take a look...Strange

    My car is gradually declining to garbage... When I turn the key the engine self test automatically goes on until I start driving ... I have a new EEC coming shortly. Ok besides that problem, when I drive it, you can feel it hesitating, bucks under boost. Runs very rich, carbon buildup at...
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    brake fluid leak

    Hey guys, I have a brake fluid leak, I think its coming from the driverside area obviously lol but its right under the mastercylinder... right by the tire... it looks like a little small box with a brake line going into it... maybe a sensor? or some kind valve? thanks guys.
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    horrible accident... wow... :(
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    92 -5spd ECC IV

    I need an EEC please.
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    Very Strange... EEC Self Test

    This is wierd and I have no idea whats wrong but occasionaly , when I turn the key, the car starts an auto EEC self test.. What could possibly be the problem? Is the EEC bad or is some kind of short..? I know where the self test harness is and it looks fine and the wires are wrapped in wire...
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    Alt Pulley

    I need a regular, stock alt. pulley... Thanks.