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    35th Anniversary For Sale

    Sorry guy's, I just don't have the time or driveway space to dedicate to another vehicle. My 35th anny is for sale [again]. It needs paint, but mechanically, it is very strong. Great boost, cold air, and very fast!! Auto, cruise doesn't work [can't figure that one out], aftermarket stereo...
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    Supercharger Making Noise

    Recently I had my supercharger taken apart and the main housing and nose powdercoated. Now that it's back together, its making a noise that kind of sounds like the bearings that hold the front of the rotors in place may be bad. I've had one mechanic say it's those bearings and another say it's...
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    Matthew Rendon

    E-mail: Username: Improvedbird Vendor/Individual: Individual I bought a wing from Matt, it was exactly as advertised. Mailed to me in a timely manner. I would deffinately buy from Matt again. Chris Totis...
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    Meet In Daytona Over Thanksgiving

    Anybody interested in a group meet at the Turkey Rod Run, over Thanksgiving weekend, at the Daytona Motor Speedway? If there is enough interest, we can get an area inside the speedway to meet as a group and show off our beautiful car's. At the same time looking at some really nice car's on...
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    Door Chime Volume

    The volume on my door chime is very low, in fact I can't hear it unless my ear is right up against the glove box. This has caused me to leave my headlights on after I park the car a couple times. Does the low volume mean I need a new part or is there something else to look at? Any help would...
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    Cruise Control Question

    I hit the ON button on the cruise and push set and nothing happens. I have a '90 Tbird, I checked the fuse [which, I beleive is number 6, and it's good], is there anything else obvious I can look at. Are there any problem areas.
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    Car running hot

    Yesterday I noticed twice, that when I moved my car in the driveway the radiator fan continued to run for about 10 seconds even after I shut the engine off. Today, when I drove it on the street, my temp gauge went up to 210 and when I stopped the car and looked under the hood with the engine...
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    Rear Main Seal

    My engine was rebuilt last year and when it was done the new rear main seal leaked a bit. We just replaced it again and it appears to be leaking again. Are these seals problematic on our cars or is there some trick I don't know about.:confused:
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    High vacumn friend or foe

    Sitting at idle my vacumn is at 20. I've often heard it should be around 10. Is 20 to high? Should I be concerned? If it is too high, what can be the cause? Thanks
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    Supercharger Spec's

    Can anyone provide me with the spec's for putting together a supercharger. I took it apart and had it powder coated and now that I'm ready to put it back together, I want to make sure I know all I need to know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:confused:
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    Nervous Speedo

    Can anyone tell me what causes the speedometer to jump around when the car is at a full stop? I'll be at a stoplight and the speedo will jump all over the place, when I start moving again it settles down and works correctly.
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    Something different

    This is a pretty cool site for someone that might want to make a car body change, for a very reasonable price. Check it out!!
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    Can It Be Done?

    SC motor into a '94 mustang that has a 3.8 litre motor in it already? Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it a BIG pain in the butt?
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    Help with larger SC top

    Recently I purchased one of the larger SC tops. When I installed it, I had a problem with the IC flange hitting the alternator pulley. I have underdrive pullies , and was wondering if anybody else has the same problem? No matter how I adjust the top and associated tube, the IC flange hits the...