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  1. J

    double intercooler

    125 shipped, comes with 800cfm permacool fan.
  2. J

    1992 sc rear bumper

    bumper has all the tabs still, good condition, black in color. for pick up only. 75 o/b/o toms river nj 08757 *EDIT* new price
  3. J

    1992 sc for sale

    selling my sc, rear spindle is bad, have one to replace it, no time to do so. car is missing the intake side from the bottom intercool tube, and the fan is a mess. every other modification is still on the car listed in my profile (i.e. headers, bigger injectors etc.) car is for pick up only, 500...
  4. J

    over drive pulleys/MPx supercharger/double intercooler

    well just like the post states: Double Intercooler - 250 shipped only thing left paypal is preferred :) thanks guys
  5. J

    92 SC fan + shroud

    fan fried and my shroud doesn't look very cosmetic to say the least, anyone have a used fan + shroud that i can just plug and play? PM me please thank you
  6. J

    92 rear driver side spindle

    looking for a 92 driver side spindle in good shape, being how mine is falling apart. if ya got it, let me know, i have paypal as well, thanks.
  7. J

    ignition switch HUGE problem...

    so i install my new ignition switch and i can't even key on the electric now...what have i done wrong? not to mention my dome lights won't go out...awesome. is there a certain procedure i need to follow on this install? very frustrating...any help is greatly appreciated and i have used the...
  8. J

    ignition switch security torx size...

    anyone know the size of the security torx for the ignition switch in the steering column? i couldn't find it via the search feature...the car is a 92 SC if that matters
  9. J

    back again with a miss...

    don't get me wrong i love the site, but coming on every month or so with a new problem is not so fun. I have tried the search feature for this one, but can't really pin point anyone with the same problem. So far i have replaced the plugs, wires, and DIS (needed to replace the DIS originally...
  10. J

    EEC Fuse G??

    So after trying to figure out why my car would not run, I noticed fuse G in the box under the hood was blown, to my disbelief what looked like a very cheap fix. I went out and got another fuse, car started up, great. I shut the car off, went to start it again to pull it into the drive way...
  11. J

    belt tensioner question

    Is there any way to reverse the way in which the tensioner locks? If not, is there any where to buy a tensioner that fits on the accessory belt that clocks the opposite of stock?
  12. J

    weird problem for the pros

    I finally got my blower back together and got a belt for the supercharger, Ricardo you were right you do have to jack up the blower a quarter inch with the old belt from the 15% OD kit. Now I was very excited to see the car in action and when I drove the car under part throttle, it acted normal...
  13. J

    20% od belt size

    well i tried the search feature but i guess it is temporarily down. on that note, i am looking for the size/width of a supercharger to jackshaft belt for my car. i have both the 10% jackshaft and 10% s/c pulleys, can i order it from charles or perhaps somewhere else cheaper? any info helpful...
  14. J

    WTB supercharger

    the bearings finally wore out on mine, and as the title says I'm looking for a new supercharger. I'd prefer it be low milage, or recently rebuilt, because it will be overdriven 15%. PM me with details, and pay pal only please :).
  15. J

    major power needed!

    so i think the problem is i broke a bearing on my supercharger, but i would like to see if there is anything else to check when i look at the car. the scenario: i was driving home at cruise after some mixed driving (no i didn't beat it on too hard just merged 'politely' onto the parkway) and it...
  16. J

    radiator fan help...

    I burnt out my radiator fan so i figured, no big deal I'll buy another one and replace it, easy. well not so easy I guess. I have the stupid fan unbolted from everything, i unbolted the motor from the shroud, but the rod in the fan blades will not detatch and i cannot remove the fan to save my...
  17. J

    WTB: mach 1 hood

    like the ad says, I'm looking to buy a mach 1 hood for a 1992 thunderbird sc. pm me with details
  18. J

    ANOTHER no start thread

    Of course Dave is making a trip to New Jersey so I can get tuned finally, and my car dies for the first time ever. Ok on my way to school today the car (while in gear) just died cruising, and then would not start back up. The fuel pump primes, starter works, engine cranks but does not start...
  19. J

    accessory belt...

    anyone know where i can get a fan belt 1 to 2 inches shorter than stock? any quick help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. J

    wierd noise from front end (i think)

    as it states I'm getting a wierd noise from my front end. now naturally, i think its the brakes being how this happened magically 5 minutes after i installed new kvr drilled rotors and pads. Now, the pitch of the noise doesnt even change when i apply the brake, which makes me think the noise...