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    Have had a super coupe motor with all the accessories including the blower laying around in the shop...need it gone. 250.00 for everything also have a navy blue center console. 25.00
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    Leftover Parts from 89 SC

    Leaving for the air force soon and i got left over parts from my 89 a twin turbo Z a while back so that's my new toy haha I have an 89 motor that spun a rod bearing...all the accessories are still on it as far as i know and i have the blower too.... 220.00 for all of it Throttle body...
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    Leftover Parts, NEED MONEY

    Parted out my SC a while back and i still got some parts layin around that i need gonzo 89 supercharger with 126k on it, worked great before i pulled it - 100.00 Dark blue 5spd center console with black lid (mint condition) - 50.00 Stock airbox assembly - 15.00 89 Motor (spun rod bearing) 126k...
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    SCP Fresh Air Intake...Need it gone!! (only 9k on it)

    paid $210 new for it want $120 shipped.....Only got 9k miles on it, no cracks in the air box, filter looks practicly new. Need the money
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    Left Over Parts from 89 Part-Out

    Almost new SCP Fresh Air Intake (9k Miles) Navy Blue 5spd center console 89 Supercharger w/ intake plenum (125k miles) Air Silencer (doubt anyone will want this, probably gonna trash it) Make me some offers (
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    89 SC Brand new tranny 9k on motor

    Need to get rid of my t-bird SC, started to part it out, only sold a few parts.....the motor blew after 9k miles due to the guys who put it together forgetting to torque a rod cap.....DOH!!! it also has a new m5r2 with about 7k on it, along with the clutch flywheel and all that good...
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    89 T-bird Part Out

    89 T-Bird SC blue ext/int.......Mint interior for replacement parts. JBL System, CAI, Taylor wires, 94/95 Blower, Custom exhuast, Extra motor, tell me whatchya need.....i'd even sell the car as a whole cheap. Need the money.
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    Potential 1000+ HP SC on a 6 cyl!!!

    Haha, probably not what yer all thinking, i just thought it was funny to watch Enjoy!
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    89 T-Bird w/ mods part out...everything must go!!!

    Ok, finally brought the car home since it wouldn't's navy blue exterior as well as the interior, all the options. Mods: Ken Wagner custom double IC with custom end tanks (works very well) SCP fresh air intake system taylor wires (50 miles on them) B&M ripper shifter Manifold back...
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    Here's the ebay link....pulled it off my 89 SC to put a 94/95 supercharger on it, worked great before i took it off. It's just laying around, need to get rid of it...
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    1989 SC Motor....Gotta Go!

    Motor had 126k on it when i think it spun a rod bearing, so i shut it off and had it towed to the shop and pulled's just been sittin around. Tryin to get rid of all my super coupe stuff so i can finish my twin turbo 300zx project. I would really like to get rid of it. Local pick up...
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    Any interest in an 89 SC partout?

    Hey guys, i'm seriously consitering parting out my 89 t-bird SC that has a brand new motor clutch and tranny with tons of mods and a mint interior, little bit of rust on the outside. Drivetrain has about 11k on the motor and 9k on the tranny, just wanted to see what yall were interested in if i...
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    1989 Motor

    Selling the motor out of a 1989 t-bird SC, had 126k on it when it spun a rod bearing, hasn't been run long after it happened. Sittin on a shelf don't need it. Make me an offer
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    1990 AOD Tranny

    Pulled it out of a 90 SC, worked great when i pulled it. Guy i bought the car from said he rebuilt it about 50 or 60 thousand miles ago. Just sittin in my garage waitin for a home, i have a picture of it. askin 175.00
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    89 T-Bird SC New Drivetrain + Extra Motor/Tranny/Accesories *New Pics*

    Hey guyz, just a continuation of the last add.....had some really bad pictures of the car covered in snow dirt and salt, so i took new ones after it rained a few times, looks quite a bit to offers have about 8 grand in it total. Here's all the specs on it...
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    89 SC New Motor/Tranny Lots of Extras! about ready to give it away ffs!

    Hey guyz.... my midnight blue 89 SC is still for sale.....I am dying to get rid of this thing so i can finish my 300zx project, need the money bad. The car has 140k on it but the engine has just over 11k on it and the tranny and clutch have about 9k on it. I have well over 1800 dollars in the...
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    89 SC w/ new drivetrain + extra motor/tranny/accesories

    my 89 SC is up for sale, comes with the car, an extra motor and trans, and all the accesories. The motor in it is out of a 90 and has about 11k on it and the tranny has about 9k on's a 5 speed with 140k on the car itself. Exterior is in good condition, a few small rust spots around the...
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    Hey guyz! Just thought u might njoy this video

    This was actually for a school project haha, we had to do a project on sensors for chemistry.....i don't know HOWWWW the hell we thought we could relate this to sensors.....but somehow we did. Don't mind the 2 kids in the backround, they had never really seen this kinda stuff b4 so they were...
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    1989 T-bird SC for sale :(

    Hello, I am very sad to say that I am putting my baby up for sale. This morning on the way to school i hit a slippery patch of ice and the RPM's climed to 4k and after they went back down my heart sank as i heard the distinct noise of a rod knock :( I drove the car 100 feet to my parking space...
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    Running really rough

    Hey guyz, havn't been on here in a while....but here's the situation....i have an 89 SC with a 90 motor that has just shy of 10k miles on it. after about 3k miles it started cutting out under a load randomly, not bad but just enough to be annoying, felt like spark blowout or something, then over...