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    Rear glass bottom molding

    I'm looking for the piece of molding that is at the bottom of the rear glass (between the glass and the trunk.) Part # is E9SZ6342404A9G. Either NOS or used in good condition.
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    1995 Ford Thunderbird

    April 9th **Arive at host hotel ** Comfort Suites French Lick 9530 West State Road 56, French Lick, IN, 47432, US **7:30pm dinner** Legendz sports bar French lick indiana 8695 W Jack Carnes Way #6, French Lick, IN 47432 April 10th **7am Breakfast** Nila's Place 8371 IN-56, West...
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    1995 Ford Thunderbird

    I thought I heard an echo from the bottom of the well! So much has been done since my last post, it's hard to summarize. My vanity tells me that many have been following along on FB. If not, just make some requests here and I can toss some pics/details in. She did break a rod, but the car's in...
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    Exhaust Manifold Leak

    Finally had to take the plunge on replacing head gaskets. Everything was put back together, but now a week later, developed a noisy exhaust leak on the right side. I'm told they checked and everything is on tight, and that the manifold have have warped when it was removed. We're gonna try...
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    Luk Clutch kit for 95

    I'm looking for a Luk Clutch kit for a '95 (07-091s). thanks, David
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    Starter contacts / replacment starters

    Periodically, when I turn ignition key to start position, it doesn't start cranking immediately. I'll hear a single click, and within 3 seconds, it will begin to turn over. I've been told that the starter contacts are probably worn and possibly could just replace them instead of a whole new...
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    Head studs torque procedure - looking for last minute help.

    Ok.....181,000 miles on my '95 and have finally reached the point of replacing the head gaskets. I've read through all of the posts and seen the conflicting opinions regarding torque values for the ARP head studs. I'm using the ARP 2.8 liter chevy studs (233-4003) At the risk of starting the...
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    Odometer gears speedometer problem

    About 6 weeks ago, I bought the Odometer rebuild kit (gears) from Supercoupe due to odometer quit working at 178,000 miles on my '95 SC. I finally got around to taking the cluster out and putting in the new gears. I put everything back together, and the odometer appears to be...
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    WTB - 94/95 grey leather driver's seat

    Looking for 94/95 grey driver's seat in good condition. After 177,000 miles, mine is getting kinda rough.
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    Backup lights always on

    I just noticed this morning that my backup lights are always on whenever the switch is turned on.....regardless of the gear that I'm in (even on in neutral) ....It's a '95 with a 5-speed.....Backup switch on tranny? Thanks David 95 SC 5-speed
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    Motorcraft electronically adjustable rear shocks AS299G on sale at RockAuto

    For all those that still go with the OEM Motorcraft electronically adjustable shocks that originally came on the SC.....Rock Auto has the rear ones on sale at $65.79 each. Looks like they're on sale as a wholesaler closeout. The website says there are only 11 left. I ordered some the other...
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    Motorcraft AGSF34FM spark plugs

    About 3 years and 35,000 miles ago, I replaced the AWSF34PP spark plugs in my '95 SC with the Motorcraft AGSF34FM plugs because I was unable to find any of the 34PP plugs. Recently, I had a miss under acceleration which was traced to the ignition system. When we pulled the plugs, I found that...
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    M6 bolt for shifter to extension housing

    I rebuilt the shifter in my '95, and in the process, I ended up breaking on of the M6x20mm bolts that holds the shifter assembly to the top of the extension housing. Anybody out there have an extra bolt? Thanks, David
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    Intermittent problem - Climate Control blower fan

    :confused: I've got an intermittent problem with the a/c blower on my '95. Periodically, when you turn on the A/C, the blower fan does not come on even though I can hear the A/C compressor start...(and it acts the same whether in the Auto mode or manual fan speed mode. If I jar the glove box...
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    '95 on Ebay.....

    Check out this '95 on Ebay....says it has only 34,500 miles on it....automatic......,1
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    Question about buying radiator from

    Anybody bought a radiator from They have a radiator for '94-'95 for $141.00. Cheapest place I've found. Even cheaper than Radiator Express, even with the SCCOA discount. Thanks, David
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    Information about GM Synchromesh fluid for M5R2 Transmission

    Many say to use the GM Synchromesh fluid for the M5R2 transmissions. There are two different Synchromesh fluids . Part no. 12345349 (GM Synchromesh) and Part no. 12377916 - (GM Synchromesh - friction modified) Which one are y'all using. David
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    Popping sound from right rear wheel

    I had a popping sound that sounded like it was coming from the right rear wheel when the car was starting to move (either forward or backwards) from a dead stop. I replaced the differential bushings and the popping is gone. Just thought I would pass along the info. David
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    Looking for a negative battery cable for 94-95

    I've been trying to find a negative battery cable in good condition for a '94 or '95 SC. Motorcraft part #WC9068, but I can't find it anywhere. Appears to be discontinued and noone has any. I would be interested in a good used one. Thanks David '95 SC
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    Momentary tachometer drops

    Over the last 2 months while driving to work, I've observed my tachometer to momentarily drop to zero, and then just as quickly go right back to where it was before. I've seen this happen about 5 times. When this happens, there are no other problems with the car. It does not stumble or...