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    Got a new toy for the wifey

    Nice ride. Everyone's reached a level of parity in that segment, I'd say, domestics and imports, so go with what you like and can get a good deal on. It's a real sharp car. GM's upped their styling game quite a bit in the last couple of years.
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    Help Identifying Harnesses and Needing Wire Diagrams

    Secondary junction block. Basically it is a point at which a lot of those plugged-in harnesses connect to one another.
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    Did I imagine this part?

    Can't remember ever seeing that on a Ford (though it would make sense for it to be a thing). My '90 Base V6 didn't have one when I got it at ~33k miles.
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    SC-powered 56 T-Bird

    Agree with jclars: Color change and lose the continental kit. The rear treatment on those cars is really delicate and well-proportioned and the continental kit that Ford went with was just a shame. I bet that car is damned quick.
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    Ride control PCM input

    AFAIK, only the SC and 5.0L Tbird ECMs (and those for other cars that have ARC) have an explicit pin and code for the ARC system. You may be able to achieve similar functionality with a custom tune but I don't know. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but without the ECM input, you'll still have...
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    ARC/EVO Moudle Help/Bad Cap?

    Hard to tell on the top-down view; kind of looks like the top of C12 is swollen up, maybe leaking? If so, would definitely suspect it.
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    Dash cover overlay

    I have one on my '90 base. Color match is decent, fit is decent- it's pretty good as long as you don't touch it, then you remember that it's a big hunk of plastic.
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    gas pedal

    Agreed. Have had this happen on multiple cars.
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    pulling motor and trans in one piece

    Have removed engines / trans from MN-12s many a time without doing anything to the differential. I usually unbolt the shaft at the differential end, put a floor jack under the tail of the transmission and drop the x-member, raise the engine and start moving it forward, and then crawl under the...
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    ARC motors

    "Take them off"- as in, they're still plugged in but not attached to the shocks? Because AFAIK, the actuators don't care if they're connected to shocks or not, they just care if they can rotate or not. Meaning, if you have the actuators still plugged in, just removed from the shocks, the motors...
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    heater core?

    It really is one of those things where after you do it once, you can cut the time way down the next time. I think the first time, I spent ~4 hours from draining the coolant to reconnecting the hoses. The last time it was just under 2 hours.
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    Sweet looking shots. Looks like you're getting the hang of it. Not related but just curious: what is the "Beavers" sign for in the background? The beaver in that logo is the same as the mascot of my alma mater:
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    brakes question on the 95

    Brake lines are multi-layered affairs- there can be damage to the actual inner layer that the brake fluid contacts that is hampering flow. Honestly, brake hoses are so cheap to replace, and hoses will eventually fail anyway, might as well do it and see if it helps.
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    Derelict SC morphing to 56 F100

    A lot newer of a truck, but here's an MN-12 IRS setup in a '70 F-100: Your build looks pretty cool, keep up the posts.
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    can anyone identify

    99.9% sure that's the plug for the cruise servo.
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    Ongoing air conditioner trouble

    If the liquid line was replaced, then you got a new orifice tube. I hope said mechanic flushed the evap and condenser cores before recharging the system. If not, I am going to guess that one of those is partially restricted and/or you have too much refrigerant in the system.
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    What make and models use 3.55 open 8.8 diff IRS?

    Certain Jags use a bolt-on half shaft, Nissan / Datsun does on certain Z cars, sure there are many others out there.
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    lovely start to the day

    Definitely easier pulling a dash by oneself than putting one back in. I have one of those plastic caps on my '90 and am hoping to find a nice blue dash someday to replace it. The fit and finish of the cap is decent, as is the color match, but it's still a big hunk of plastic. I do know that...
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    Front end "popping" when turning on uneven ground

    AFAIK, the MN-12 racks are all the same. The speed-sensitive ability is achieved through an electric variable orifice on the pump pressure outlet. I'd suggest that you get someone to sit in the driver's seat and with the engine off, steer the wheels back and forth (front wheels on the ground)...
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    Does this seem right ???????

    If it's a cold engine we're talking about here, what you might actually be seeing is a little vapor from condensation in the crank case.