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    Trade: 96 F150 2wd

    What up What up guys!! I sold my 94 SC a few months ago and all I have done is regret it... What I have to offer for Trade.. 1996 Ford F-150 XL 2 Wheel Drive 177xxx Miles 5.0L 302c.i. V8 Rebuilt Automatic Transmission Many New Parts Installed Recent Tune Up My truck runs perfect, I just...
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    Want Another SC

    A few months ago I did something I regret and sold my SC, and now a couple months later I have the itch again to get back behind the wheel of one. I have a 1996 F150 2wd with a 5.0L, Automatic Trans I would like to trade for an SC.. I have tons of pictures of the truck I just want to make sure...
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    John Pollock - NascarJohn

    Name: John Pollock Forum Name: NascarJohn John just recently purchased my 94 SC and he is one of the most stand up guys I have met on the SCCoA forums over my past 8 years on here. I would def. recommend Mr. Pollock to anyone on here selling or buying! This is how things should go on here... Jay
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    FS: 94 SC Automatic - *Guarentee Sale*

    ***SOLD*** I know that I have listed my vehicle for sale in the past on these boards & I know that some unfortunate circumstances had limited me from selling the car at those times. I would appreciate your kindness and maturity on this as I am listing it for sale for the final time. Here are...
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    Double IC Pro's & Con's (?)

    Wasup ya'll, I am pondering upgrading my IC to a Double IC system that a lot of members on here have done already. I would go with the MP FMIC but I want to try to stick to the Stock look under the hood so I have decided against the FMIC. Although being a VERY nice piece it is not what I want...
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    Calling South Carolina Member's

    Hello Ya'll, I have pondered the idea of starting a Thunderbird/Cougar/Mark VIII/Ford Club for South Carolina enthusiasts for a couple of years now. I have some spare time @ the current moment so I am logging onto all the Ford Forums I am registered to to spread the word and find out if people...
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    Driverside Window Motor

    Hey Guys, I am in some need of a Driverside Window Motor for my 94 SC. If you have one lemme know & I will PayPal you the payment. Ready to buy now w/ Cash! Jay
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    Having Some Issues Please Help!

    Wasup Guys, So here is the scoop. On innitial start up on my 94 SC the boost gauge is reading a little ablove the 20 when I put it into gear it jumps up to around 14. I have been having an issue while giving the car throttle. I noticed the past 2 days the the issue is present when the boost...
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    MAFs Electronics

    MAFs Electronic - The lil black sensor part on the top of the MAF - Somehow when I got the car back from a "retard" mechanic the lil electrode connector is broken in half. Please help me out ya'll... Jay
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    FS: 1994 TBird SC w/ 17x9 Cobra's

    Old As Heck
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    94 SuperCoupe Issues

    Please Deleate This Thread
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    Knowledgable Mechanics in South Carolina

    I am having a few issues with my SC & I am wondering if anyone has a knowledable mechanic they could recommend either Southern North Carolina or Northern South Carolina, preferrably in the Myrtle Beach area. I am new to the area and dont trust to many people with my cars so this is a test for...
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    Fast Freddie Parts

    Hey Ya'll, Like the title states, I am interested in putting 2 of Fast Freddies pieces on my 94 SC finally. 1. Raised SC Top 2. Double IC Thats all if anyone including Freddie can chime in on if they have or will sell I am interested.. Thanks Jay
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    What 4r70w Will Fit?

    I know a bunch of different vehicles use the 4r70w transmission but I am new to the drivetrain modding of my SC. Will they all bolt up or am I in for a treat having to get one specifically for a SuperCoupe? Anyone who has some info they could lend me it would be appriciated. Thanks in advance...
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    Help Please-Will These Work?

    Hey Ya'll, I am pretty sure that these products will work correctly, but I want to make sure that I am buying the correct stuff before I got ahead and spend close to $300. Do you guys think this is worth it or should I just go ahead and get the parts from Ford? Here is the link to what I am...
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    Brake Questions

    Hey Ya'll, I know that the Mustang Dual Piston Calipers can be used to do a minor brake upgrade. I am curious to know what year Mustang's have these Calipers and what Model (Cobra, GT, V6?) have the Caipers I need to do this. I am just gonna do the front suspension so I wanna do it all at the...
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    1994 Sc

    Hello Ya'll, I know I have done this before but this time is the real deal and it is leaving to the first person to give me $2500 FIRM! Everything included including Stock Parts I retained. 1994 Ford Thunderbird SC 120k Miles Automatic Trans New Torque Converter Oil Changed Every 3k Miles...
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    TSTaCC Official Meet!!

    Its time again for an OFFICIAL TSTaCC meet up. We were talking about this for while and its time to get back to our roots and have a big ole official meet up for some good food, good fun, and picture oppertunities. I want this to be the biggest meet up yet! Here are the details: Who...
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    Trade? 94 SC for 35th Anny or 93 SC?

    Well Guys, Ever since the day my wife sold her 35th Anny because it was starting to nickle and dime her to death I have been dying to get my hands on one again for myself personally. I would also settle for a 93 SC... Automatic cuz she needs to drive it as well. All I have to offer is my 94...
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    My 94 SC Rides Horrible

    Wasup Ya'll, I have been encountering some issues with my 94 SC lately and its begining to become an annoyance because the Nice weather is coming fast. It rides like a POS anymore, when cruising the steering wheel shakes horribly & the entire car feels like its going to fall apart underneath...