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  1. Rick_Leuce

    Repairing stress cracks in the plastic interior.

    Hello, I’m trying to free up garage space by installing as many of my interior bits as possible (even though the headliner still needs to be replaced). So I’m planning on removing them again in like a month. However, one of my interior pieces has a bit of a stress crack and I’m concerned it...
  2. Rick_Leuce

    Leaking clutch fluid reservoir

    Hello, I’m about to drive my 1991 SC 5-speed on a long road trip. However, I am concerned about how fast my clutch fluid reservoir is leaking. I believe it leaks whenever I press the clutch pedal in, it doesn't seem to leak when the car is just sitting there. It’s gotten to the point that I...
  3. Rick_Leuce

    WTB Ford Escort ZX2 (or other FWD Ford).

    Hello, This might be frowned upon, but it's still Ford-related. I want to buy a Ford Escort ZX2 like the ones in this video. I live in Georgia (for now) but I am moving to Wisconsin and I need to get a car more suitable for Winter driving. Which means I should be looking for a FWD vehicle...
  4. Rick_Leuce

    WTB 1989-1993 Tbird SC/1993 LX front bumper cover in or near North Georgia

    Hello everyone, I was curious if anyone had a front bumper cover for a 1989-1993 SC or 1993 LX in or near North Georgia. Oxford White paint is most desirable, front license plate bracket is a bonus. I can’t travel really far to pick it up, so I was wondering if any front Supercoupe bumper...
  5. Rick_Leuce

    17 or 18 inch rims for performance tires on stock hubs and spindles

    Hello, I am seeking a set of 17 or 18 inch rims for one of my Supercoupes. I want my Supercoupe to have real performance tires, but I cant find any good tires that fit stock SC rims (but I may compromise). I would prefer rims that closely resemble the look of stock SC rims, or at least I want...
  6. Rick_Leuce

    Stunt Driving School and Big Decisions - Long Post

    Hello everyone, Long read, but I think its worth saying. I am considering taking a Bobby Ore stunt driving class at the Atlanta Motorsports Park. Its something I’ve thought about for a little over a year, and I think I would like to do it in a few months. It’s $1,000 for a single day, $2,000...
  7. Rick_Leuce

    Check Engine light comes on, tach bounces, check engine light goes off, then runs ok

    Hello, My 1993 SC a few months ago would sometimes have its check-engine light come on for 1-2 minutes. I bought an OBD-1 code reader, but I always passed the test with no codes. I didn't think much of it, especially since my headgaskets blew and I figured there was a chance that as we were...
  8. Rick_Leuce

    WTB: 1989-1990 Front License Plate Bracket E9SZ-17A385-B

    Hello, I want to buy a 1989-1990 front license plate bracket for my Supercoupe. TBSC shop is out of stock, but I asked for them to notify me when one is available (might be waiting a while because I've been re-checking their website for over 6 months now and they still haven't gotten one yet)...
  9. Rick_Leuce

    1989 Cougar SC $500 on Facebook (not mine)

    Not mine. Saw it on Facebook marketplace. Guy wants to sell within a week. 1989 Cougar XR7 SC According to owner: runs and drives. $500.00. Hope someone can save it from the crusher.
  10. Rick_Leuce

    Removing moonroof sliding insert (or sunshade)

    Hey, I am in the process of changing my interior color and was wondering what steps are involved if I want to remove the moonroof sliding insert. My headliner and shell are completely removed from the car but I can’t figure out how to remove the slider so I can replace it. Do I have to remove...
  11. Rick_Leuce

    What Year SC is the best for this story? Youtube “Television” Series.

    Hello everyone. I’m really pushing myself to make something I can show you guys by this July. Hopefully in the form of a short or a trailer. I want to point out that this series is particularly aimed to please SCCoA members, so I will gladly take any input into consideration. There are a few...
  12. Rick_Leuce

    What Year SC is the best for this story? Youtube “Television” Series.

    Hello everyone. I typed this all on my phone and forgot to make it have a poll. I copied and pasted my article and created a new post with the actual poll in it. I’m really pushing myself to make something I can show you guys by this July. Hopefully in the form of a short or a trailer. I want...
  13. Rick_Leuce

    1991 SC brake booster seems to charge a lot

    Hey, I’m fixing up my 1991 SC and it should be roadworthy soon, but I am a little concerned about the brakes. Sometimes, the car can be on or running for 1-2 minutes before the brake booster begins to charge. Now, to be fair, it only did this a few times after not starting the car for like 4-5...
  14. Rick_Leuce

    Converting 1991 SC to use front hubs/spindles out of a 1997 LX

    Hello, I read a thread a while ago (cant find it at the moment) listing the benefits of swapping the 1989-1992 Thunderbird spindles for 1993 and newer Thunderbird hubs/spindles. I think they said it didn’t have to come out of a Supercoupe. I would like to upgrade my 1991 SC and I pulled the...
  15. Rick_Leuce

    This made me feel better

    Hey, I was just reading some “recommended for you” article on my iPhone and I thought it was worth sharing. It’s about Ford’s coolest cars that aren’t Mustangs.
  16. Rick_Leuce

    Supercoupe Performance Rear Anti-Sway Bar

    Hey, I recently purchased an improved rear anti sway bar from Supercoupe Performance and was wondering if anyone else had difficulty installing the end-links that come with the kit. The instructions say I am supposed to tighten the nut until the spacer can barely be turned by finger, but I’ve...
  17. Rick_Leuce

    1993 SC Tach dead, Check Engine light on

    Hello, I recently purchased a 93 SC 5-speed and have been chasing down most of its issues. One that I’m having a lot of trouble with is that when I start the car, the tach will be dead and the check engine light will be on; but not every time I start the car. Last time it happened, I did the...
  18. Rick_Leuce

    1990 SC brakes have me concerned

    Hey, A couple days ago, I had been running several errands in my 1990 SC 5-speed. After I stopped for dinner, I started up the car, but the brakes were hard. I drove around the parking lot and realized my accumulator ball was not charging and I had no power brakes (it was actually pretty hard...
  19. Rick_Leuce

    Low-Budget YouTube Entertainment Series Featuring a Supercoupe (good or bad)

    I've finally graduated from college, so now I want to try my hand at a project I've been wanting to do for years: make a live-action realistic-fiction series on YouTube that prominently features a 1990 Thunderbird SC. I do not currently have a script written for it yet, but I've spent years...
  20. Rick_Leuce

    2 Problems: Rough idle at cold start. Radiator fan not working when hot.

    Hello everyone. My car has 2 main problems I'm trying to solve. It idles rough when cold and the radiator fan doesn't kick on when it's supposed to. I'm putting together a video of my 1991 SC 5-Speed starting up and running. I'm hoping someone out there with more Super Coupe experience can...