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  1. Mike Puckett

    93 HVAC fan control module

    I'm needing the fan control module for a '93. This is the small module with a power transistor and heat sink that is mounted under the dash in front of the blower fan for the hvac and just behind the glove box.
  2. Mike Puckett

    Needing EEC for 91 AOD

    The code is X1A2. There is also F1WF-BC on it as well.
  3. Mike Puckett

    Glove box door for '93

    I'm looking for either a glove box door, any color will do, or just the lock & latch mechanism from one. My 94 spare is completely different and doesn't even come close to fitting.
  4. Mike Puckett

    DIS module

    Looking for a Motorcraft DIS module for a friend. If anyone has a spare let me know.
  5. Mike Puckett

    Lunch get together Sunday the 20th.

    We're going to do a lunch meet one more time this year at Hooters Gwinnett Place at Pleasant Hill Rd and I-85 this Sunday the 20th at 1pm. If you can come by it would be great to see you.
  6. Mike Puckett

    Meeting for lunch on Sunday 6/7

    Time to get together again. It's been awhile. This Sunday the 7th at 1pm we'll meet at Hooters at Gwinnett Place just off of Pleasant Hill Rd and I-85. We've talked previously about having some cookout meets during the warmer months so this will give us the opportunity to set something up...
  7. Mike Puckett

    Atlanta area luncheon

    Time for another lunch get together. This weekend, Sunday Feb 22nd at Longhorns at Akers Mill in Smyrna. The address is 2955 Cobb Parkway and the zip 30339 for your GPS. It's on the left just past Cumberland Mall and I-285. There's also a Hooters there but so far the consensus has been longhorns...
  8. Mike Puckett

    Time for another meet.

    Some of the local guys have been asking about another luncheon meet so we've decided to schedule one for next Sunday August 3rd. We're trying a new place this time that should be convenient to the guys on the west side. We'll meet at the Prado shopping center on Roswell Rd at I-285. If you're...
  9. Mike Puckett

    Bad fuel pressure regulator maybe?

    Well, SuperdadSC and I swapped out his FMIC to a double IC to see if it eliminated a lack of power problem when in boost. Thinking that we had a leak somewhere we wanted to eliminate that as a possibility. It took all afternoon but we got it all changed over and took it for a test drive. Now...
  10. Mike Puckett

    Puzzling fuel rail problem

    We've been replacing the blown engine in SuperdadSC's car. With everything installed and connected we tried to start it up. It cranks but no start. So, I first checked the shrader valve on the fuel rail and there was nothing. So, I pulled the fuel lines off, stuck them in a fuel can, jumpered...
  11. Mike Puckett

    Another Dyno sheet.

    I might as well post my last dyno sheet, too. This was done the first week of April and is the tune I'm running this year. 383.5 rwhp @ 5400 and 418.8 rwt @ 4100 running 14psi of boost. It's not quite as high as the other 2 just posted but it's still pretty good. I'll get to try it out today...
  12. Mike Puckett

    Test and tune today at Atlanta Dragway.

    I went to test and tune today and made 2 passes. My first was against a 70 something Nova. I ran a 12.332 @ 109.55mph and he ran a 12.666 @ 105.9. Kill #1. On my 2nd pass I lined up against a early 70's Demon with a 440. It was a bit warmer and I ran a 12.487 @ 109.24 against his 13.723 @ 98.96...
  13. Mike Puckett

    New high performance camshaft for sale

    This is a .570/.579 lift, 218/224 duration Comp cam originally purchased from Dave Dalke a couple of years ago. It is new in box and has never been installed in an engine. To make a long story short it was lost by the owner and just recently found and being unable to use it he wants me to help...
  14. Mike Puckett

    Should I get 9" or 10" slicks?

    I've ordered my new wheels. I went with the 15x8" over the 10". I've decided to go with the Hoosiers with either a 9" or a 10" tread width. Either will go on an 8" rim. I've been blowing off the 10.5" ET Streets which have a 9" tread and I'm wondering if the 10" tread would be better with the...
  15. Mike Puckett

    Needing new rims for slicks.

    Since Sportsman class can run full slicks now, I want to run them next year. I've decided to go with either a 9" or 10" by 26" Hoosier, 18120D06 or 18131D06. I would rather run a 26" than a 28" tire due to losing gear from the larger diameter tire. Only problem is I have to get new wheels for...
  16. Mike Puckett

    Mustang headers for sale

    I have a set of Mustang headers for sale. They look to be in great shape. Asking $125 plus UPS shipping.
  17. Mike Puckett

    Mustang headers for sale

    I have a set of Mustang headers for sale. They look to be in great shape. Asking $125 plus UPS shipping.
  18. Mike Puckett

    Mustang headers for sale

    I have a set of Mustang headers for sale. Asking $125 plus UPS shipping.
  19. Mike Puckett

    Tachometer w/shift light

    With a recent acquisition of a wrecked SC, I have a Roush branded Autometer tachometer with shift light for sale. These are available for $250 new from a number of sources online. Asking $125 shipped for this one. This one looks great and is already set up for a Supercoupe, ready to install and...
  20. Mike Puckett

    Which exhaust would be better?

    I recently purchased a wreck with a camed & ported motor, 5 spd, and a true dual 2.5" exhaust with resonator and bullet mufflers. My present exhaust is a 2.5" to 3.5" to 2.5" with resonator and oval mufflers. The true dual resonator is about 2/3 the size of my present one and my mufflers are...