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  1. davec73

    92/93 wanted. very Bad.

    all super coupes of that era came with cornering lights in the front bumper I think. 93 might not have them though because it shared the front bumper with the lx that year. I will sell you mine for 40,000.00 but it's a six speed with cornering lights lol
  2. davec73

    front engine dis harness

    need a front engine dos harness for a 93 sc
  3. davec73

    SC parts, still have quite the collection

    Randall I need a front engine harness dis harness
  4. davec73

    Time to unload - IRCM, Gray Interior Parts, Lots of others

    I need a front engine harness. the one that goes to the dis cam sensor and coil pack
  5. davec73

    2023 Thunderbird Reunion in Dearborn Michigan

    I might see if I can make this event.
  6. davec73

    2023 Calendar Pictures

    I missed this one completely Jim
  7. davec73

    Future of the SC Shootout

    I really miss the shootout. I wish we could have another one this year now that things are getting back to some kind of normal.
  8. davec73

    Ask me for any parts you're looking for you 89 - 93 SC

    Hey Ed! I'm looking for a electric climate control box for a 92 sc. I also need a compressor and lines.
  9. davec73

    340 fuel pump with modified hat

    This fuel pump and sending unit has been modified for higher hp cars 350 rwhp plus. it has a lightly used stealth 340 pump and I have eliminated the stock wiring. you will have to put small eyelet connectors on your wiring but it eliminates the plug failure issue. it also has a modified 8 an...
  10. davec73

    kenne bell boost a pump

    I have a kenne bell boost a pump I removed from my car because I no longer need it. it is barely used. 150 plus the ride
  11. davec73

    Hello all

    Welcome man!
  12. davec73

    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    it used too with the gps sending unit
  13. davec73

    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    no its not plugged in at all. The gm sensor puts out a 17000 ppm signal. The speedometer is going to 140 as soon as I take off with no vss signal going to it at all.
  14. davec73

    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    not sure if it does or not
  15. davec73

    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    mine is a 93 lt1 t56 with a gm hall effect sensor
  16. davec73

    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    all Supercoupes have a vss sensor in the transmission. my car in specific has the wiring for it but no sensor. my car has a t56 6 speed transmission and a mark 8 dash. for some reason my speedometer is getting a signal from somewhere in the wiring I'm not sure where.
  17. davec73

    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    Thanks I will check the condition of the vss plug under the car but it's literally unplugged.
  18. davec73

    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    The intellitronix. it used to work and all the sudden it started having issues.
  19. davec73

    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    Matt said one goes the the message center and the other to the vss. I am going to cut them both and feed one of them with the output from my gps sending unit.
  20. davec73

    Weird mark 8 speedometer issue

    you can't tell how much it's off lol. Dakota digital makes a signal converter that would but the vss wire has no signal because I have no vss in the transmission. It's not supposed to get signal from the wheel speed sensors but it has to be coming from somewhere lol