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    2023 Thunderbird Reunion in Dearborn Michigan

    I'm wondering if anyone else is planning to attend from NE IL. Also interested to hear about security of the lot and other hotel options in the nearby area.
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    MP inlet plenum

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    2023 Calendar Pictures

    I'll get you a few of my 95.
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    MP inlet plenum

    Used MP inlet plenum without bypass/boot/EGR block off. $350. I also have a professional products throttle body and a few other intake parts. Msg me if interested. Located 45 miles SW of Chicago.
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    Wabted to buy. Rims.

    Not sure what you mean by "might work".
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    Wabted to buy. Rims.

    I have 5 NOS Superior Scoundrel 17x7.5 wheels near Chicago. Not looking to ship though.
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    MP plenum for 94/95 SC

    Still here.
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    Wabted to buy. Rims.

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    got another 95 SC 5 speed to part out

    Gauge panel and cluster surround in ok shape? Pics? How about the driver's door switch panel? I'm also looking for nice trunk lights. Not sure if that set is sold
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    Anyone near Denver that can look over a car for me?

    I'd like to get another opinion on a car that's close to Denver since I can't get there. Need a full suite of detailed pictures and the underside inspected for rust. Owner has been great, just need another look and opinion. I can also Zoom to ask questions and request pics while you are there...
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    MP plenum for 94/95 SC

    Bump, 420 plus ups
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    94/95 SC inlet plenum

    New takeoff. Asking 70 plus ups. Two available.
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    NOS parts

    Sent an email.
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    Looking for sc perf parts

    Done. Pics sent.
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    Looking for sc perf parts

    420 plus ups
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    Looking for sc perf parts