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    new topic/page in the classifieds section

    I would like to see a Craigslist/eBay/not yours or something to that effect topic/page in the classifieds section. I have seen this on other forums and i believe it would help organize the classifieds better.
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    hypothetical queston about drive shafts

    Let's ponder about the strength of a drive shaft and the material it is constructed of. I see a lot of people swapping out there steel drive shafts for aluminum ones. I question if it is the right choice for a high torque application. What if the torque output of a said engine was 1000 ft lbs...
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    k-member knowledge needed

    I can't seem to find any information on the interchange ability between 89-95 T-Bird SC's and the 93-98 mark VIII K-members. Looking to put a hi capacity oil pan on my mark VIII but I don't want to drop the K-member for mockup when I have a 95 T-Bird one sitting in the garage.
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    adjustable roller rockers?

    Are there any companies that make adjustable roller rockers for the 3.8l? I remember seeing them in an old SVO performance catalog but im sure ford does not make them any longer.
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    new 1/8

    There is a 1/8 mile concrete/asphalt strip going in at Bonne Terre Mo. Where the old sand drags use to be. Owner states the gates are set to open late july if all goes as planned.This strip is 10 miles from my house. Wish it was a 1/4 though.
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    95 drivers air bag

    well i am in the market for a black 95 steering wheel air bag.
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    good news gateway race way

    Good news for gateway. I was told by a friend that gateway was on the St.Louis news the other day and have scheduled drag racing for fall 2012. Could be a rumor but hope it is not.
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    DIS problems NO spark (solved)

    Ok I have a slight problem with the 94 auto t-bird. I just can’t figure it out. I resolved the fuel pump issue and haven’t messed with it until today. I got excellent fuel pressure but I am not getting spark from the coil. Power is coming in the red/green wire while key is in the run position...
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    1994 Ford Thunderbird

    kpoindex08 submitted a new Showcase Item: 1994 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
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    spring repairs

    Well the other day I figured it was warm enough to start my tear down and repairs on my 94 5spd. Got it down to the block and it sure is grimy in there. I broke the trimming cover trying to break it free from the engine block. The studs were almost rusted in two, sizing them to the cover. I...
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    timeing cover (got it)

    i need a 94 timeing cover!!
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    Would the 96/97 N/A factory headers benefit a stock 94/95?
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    glove box strut

    My glove box strut is leaking all over my carpet!!! Anyone know of a replacement? Ford part # f4sb-6306117-ab I could not find anything in my interchange.
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    Something’s up with my radio in a good way

    So I have had the t-bird parked for about 3 1/2 months due to rear end noise and other misc. repairs and up grades. I took out my battery and put it in my mom's t-bird because her Dura last didn’t last lol any ways back on track... yesterday I put a spare battery I had laying around in it to...
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    pic's please

    I need a pic. of the rear of the block. Mainly inside the bell housing where I can not see. And a pic. of how much space is in-between the fly wheel and block. Thanks for the help Kenton
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    time slips from 10-26-10 at gateway st.louis

    This is me at gateway raceway October 26. In attachment 1 I am in the left lane and I am in the right lane in attachment 2. This is my 94 thunderbird with a 93 supercharger on it with a 94 pulley and no cats. Other than that it is a stock 5 speed. Nothing special. My opponent was my...
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    aluminum IRS (case olny)

    like the tital states i am in the market for an aluminum IRS case for cheep.
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    a-pillar pod

    I am looking to get a 2 5/8" single pillar pod. I have a 2 1/16" and would like to get rid of it and get a 2 5/8". Could someone point me to one to purchase. Or will the mustang ones work?
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    I need a black 96 lx 3.8 hood thanks
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    dip stick

    I need a dip stick for a 96 3.8 lx if any one has one.