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    94’ sc for sale

    S. O. L. D
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    95 oem 16in rims with tires

    Location Where r u located
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    """"""ALUMINUM"""""" spare tire

    Aluminum spare hi KEN send PM
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    """"""ALUMINUM"""""" spare tire

    """"""ALUMINUM"""""" spare tire hey guys looking for aluminum spare tire thanks:)
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    Post your favorite SC picture!

    after change rims pattern yes
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    Post your favorite SC picture!

    i david i took the rims to the shop and then they fill up the old holes and they make new holes with my pattern i got 275-45-18 back and 245-45-18 front
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    Post your favorite SC picture!

    :)mi junk 1994 std 18s size from 08' bmw 525i i change wheel pattern
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    Post your favorite SC picture!

    :) hello yesis 18s belongs to a 2008 bmw 525i i just change wheel pattern
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    Post your favorite SC picture!

    size ? hi david thanks 18s from bmw i change the wheel pattern
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    Post your favorite SC picture!

    here is my junk :) here is my junk
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    Ircm f48f-12b577-ba "e"

    ircm t-bird sc (94-95) in good condition $85.00 ship
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    IRCM for sale

    Ford Relay Control Module F7CF-12B577-AB """"""These fit many different vehicles.""""""" Part # F7CF-12B577-AB Match the part number to ensure proper fit. Part numbers MUST match $ 70 ship
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    transmission wire harness 94-95 5spd sc

    for sale transmission wire harness in good condition 94-95 sc 5 speed $70 ship
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    PBR Front Calipers, SCU Caliper Relocation kit & rear Cobra rotor upgrade

    very nice job question? are u use the same hose brakes? for this PBR calipers
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    transmission wire harness 94-95 sc 5 speed

    for sale transmission wire harnesss 94-95 sc 5 speed in good shape $85 with shipping thanks :)
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    sold!!85mm throttle body and mp 3.5 cai

    $ how much for the tb
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    ""FOR SALE"" stock intercooler

    for sale two stock intercoolers in good shape
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    5 Speed trans wiring harness
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    92-97 LED taillights set SOLD!!
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    Ford racing 42lb injectors

    jajaja hey weeee q paso ya tan pronto bye bye