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    Back after a long hiatus.

    Howdy all. I used to frequent the forums 15+ years ago when I had my XR7s. Had to give the cars up due to funds, fatherhood and just plain life. My son is now 20 and we found him a 92 Sc 5 Speed with 89k on it. Actually bought it from the classifieds here. Got the car running great now and...
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    92 SC 5 speed

    My son and I purchased this car last Friday. It's in good hands and we have a great car to work with going foward.
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    91 SC Automatic

    Added Photos. This thing is still taking up space. Still no title but I need it gone. Make reasonable offer. Located outside Philadelphia.
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    91 SC Automatic

    Still available. No pictures right now but if you are local just come take a look.
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    91 SC Automatic

    I just want this thing gone. Got a 91 sc from a buddy and he can't find the title. I'm not putting time and money into a car I can't drive. Low Down: Believe the head gaskets have blown. He said he saw white smoke one day and shut the engine off. Started to take the SC pipe off and put them in...
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    1989 Cougar XR7 for sale

    Says you edited this post back in the beginning of the year and the CL ad link is expired. Is this car still available?
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    1989 Cougar XR7 5-speed 112k miles

    Trans?? Didn't see it listed?? Assume this is an automatic being you stated you changed the transmission fluid?
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    Looking for Supercharged XR7

    Been a few years since I last looked but looking again. Just settled in to my new house and now want another XR7. Not looking for a perfect car. A driver that needs work is perfect. Must be manual. Color does not matter, however already had a red one and black one so white would be nice. Let me...
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    5 Speed XR7

    Bump! TTT
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    5 Speed XR7

    Been a long time since I had my XR7 and I now have time for another. Looking for 89 or 90 XR7. MUST be a manual transmission. No slush boxes please. I have enough trouble with the E40D in my Bronco. I'm located in the philadelphia area. Not looking for a rust bucket but doesn't have to be...
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    EPC circuit

    Having a problem with a 90 sc. Ran the codes today and got 98 - Hard Fault Present. Did a little research and found out it has to do with the transmission circut/solenoid. The car is a five speed with a motor from an automatic. Obviously the computer is for a five speed. Any suggestions?
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    1990 SC, 5psd, Philly - Best Offer

    Hi. Local to you and need a car bad. Very interested. Would like to come see it. Sent pm with e-mail. Thanks
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    No Brakes

    Good find. I would like the GM part number if you still have it. You can e-mail me Jpapa@Joe-Papa.Com. Thank you. Joe
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    No Brakes

    Not trying to hijack your thread but my buddy has a similar problem. His pump keeps running. Is it the relay or is there a sensor that he is missing somewhere. I don't like to mess with these brake systems. In december, my 90 caught on serious fire because the abs pump kept running. Thanks...
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    Tach ?

    Funny you mentioned the speedo jumping. I just started putting my 89 xr7 back together and when I started it it did the same thing. It did it before I parked it but not often enough to be a concern to me. I has done it about 4 or 5 times since I put the motor back together. The milage goes...
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    Take quick peak at your brake M/C

    This might be useful I may not.... In my down near the bottom of the fender area to the right inside the wheel well, there is a pressure switch of some kind that busted seals and was leaking fluid out causing the pedal to become rock hard. I don't know if your leaking fluid, but that caused my...
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    AOD Trans

    My buddy has a 91 sc w/AOD. He's slowly losing overdrive and will need a new tranny soon. His previous car, 88 Lincoln Mark VII LSC (5.0) is about to be scrapped. The AOD tranny in it needs a rebuild. His question is does the tranny in the Lincoln have the same internals as his SC? Between...
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    how much did you all pay for your cars.......

    Bought my first XR7 in may of 2000 w/98k for $3500. Black, grey cloth, no options. Drove it three years only needing a clutch and rebuilt tranny. Second one bought in march 2003 w/161k for $800. Red black leather all options except moonroof and JBL. I swear it was the better of the two...
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    Removal of old style rear view mirror

    We had to remove one like that at a detail shop I used to work at. We used a heat gun very carefully on the outside of the glass. Took a good 10 minutes. Don't heat it directly on the glass. Use a good distance but enough to heat the glass (3-4inches) I wouldn't do it outside in the cold...
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    'Check Gage' light, everything looks ok

    With all gauges looking ok, I too had the check gauge light popping on and off. After 2 months off guessing, it turned out to be a bad oil pressure sending unit. The seal in the sender was going bad and giving false readings. The gauge itself would sit about a 1/5 of the way up (close to...