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    Switching ABS to Conventional.

    pedal adjustment go to the wildwood brake site. click on brake pedal guidelines , this may answer the brake pedal adjustment question..
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    wiper assemly

    does anybody have wiper assembly for a 91sc ? i need the whole wiper arm plastic set up. an object flew up into the wiper arm and broke the left arm attachment.under the cowl.thanks..
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    shifter problem

    thanks for the offer.garsc. do you want fries with that? ( wives can be like the car also.) ha.ha.
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    shifter problem

    Fixed Thanks for your reply and verbal assault. ;) I'm from the old school of helping or giving some friendly advice when asked, it also doesn't cost any money to answer a question. Cable eye end was rusted inside the rubber boot where it goes into the metal sleeve. Freed it up with PB...
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    shifter problem

    wayne ford. Thanks Nick M. Went to the Ford dealer to get a diagram of the of shifter assembly and a price for a cable - $80. On the way out I asked the service manager if that could possibly be the problem. He said "We don't work on cars here." And I said "You're the service manager...
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    shifter problem

    thanks j.d. for the reply, i had this problem last fall cleaned and greased guides. just trying the lazy way to pinpoint problem .so i can order parts if necessary .before i take the console assembly apart
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    shifter problem

    cant get lever into d1 or l, action real stiff could it be cable related? or is mechanism faulty?
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    piston slap

    Same problem. I have 91 Ford SC, rebuilt motor 2000 mi engine developed knock. plastigauged journals. Rods ok, had crank measured ok, replaced timing chain, replaced lifters, replaced rocker arms, replaced rod bearings, and re-installed engine I still have knock. I also had bores measured...
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    Cleaning Up Rear Windshield. TAR? BLACK GOO!

    k-1 use plain ol kerosene .safe for all fine fabrics
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    plastic hold down pins, where to buy ?

    try auto body supply house
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    Switching ABS to Conventional.

    why? why cant you just switch the whole brake system , ?by just adding the brake line for the rear . and use the same booster from the conventional system and use the master cylinder from the ltd
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    DIS module.....For sale...Best Offer...

    need vmm front cover if available for 91
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    Source for air deflector?

    pan liner you can try using shower pan liner . it"s about 1/8 inch thick
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    no starter action

    small connector ? small connector does that run through to ignition switch? connected to pos term starter will operate i think that relay i call it a solenoid . is o.k. thanks
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    no starter action

    tried ignition key fender solenoid does not engage starter . can jump solenoid starter works. with key on fuel pump operates .all dash lights seem to work o.k can any body post ignition wiring schematics ? also has fatory viper alarm that is disabled [ hopefully. ] any help would be appreciated
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    engine install

    what is the most ammount of accesories that can be attached to engine prior to installation ? can both exhaust pipes be attached? thanks
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    Test my MAF?

    maf test terminal a b should have 10.5 volts with engine running term c d engine running idle 0.60 volts 20 mph 1.10 v 40 mph 1.70 v 60 mph 2.10 v except up to 1995 97 4.6...
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    Titanium Pass. Fender or Ft. Bumper

    I have just the fender, however, I live in NJ. I don't know if you would be willing to pay for shipping, or what. But if you are interested, PM me.
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    interior parts , ground effects

    Complete grey interior also red ground effects and rear bumper cover north jersey location
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    Moon-roof bastardized.

    I have a moon-roof in a 1991 SC. I dont think that it is a factory install, because it seems to be 2 inches longer . The motor is in front, and the switch is in lower dash panel. Also I wanted to know who makes leather dye in a spraycan to change grey leather to black? I have grey leather fold...