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    SOLD 1990 Thunderbird Super Coupe 35th Anniversary

    Any leaks or mechanical or drivability issues? Anything electronic not working ? Looks really well taken care of. always loved the Anniversary Edition color scheme.
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    Vinyl Wrap

    Seriously you got a quote to wrap an entire car for $200 ?! That seems awful cheap but if accurate I'm going to have to start looking into this.
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    Black 93 SC 5 speed for sale

    Where in OK you located, I'd be interested in taking a look
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    WTB working power window switch assembly

    Finally finished with coaxing, cleaning, tinkering and praying for drivers side power window switch to actually allow me to raise the window. Mostly done since it finally gave up the intermittent ability to raise the window at all. When I bought the car it was intermittent due to some...
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    95 Pearl 5 spd For Sale-New Mexico

    SOLD ! Thanks Travis, I'm sure that the New Mexico Bird will enjoy North Dakota
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    95 Pearl 5 spd For Sale-New Mexico

    I'd be willing to do a day's drive, which would translate into about a 700 - 800 mile range or thereabouts.
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    95 Pearl 5 spd For Sale-New Mexico

    Time to sell my 95, I'm the second owner and had it since 2000. It has 98,300 original miles on it, never wrecked -rebuilt -or heavily modified. It's a pristine original with minor mods. It has all the options except for the sunroof and cell phone. The interior is cloth/leather gray that is...