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    I have a 95 sc and it runs extremely hot like top of the gauge and guzzles gas

    I wouldn't be replacing any more parts until you read KOER & KOEO codes. Just my opinion though. Also wouldn't be driving any more until overheat issue solved or you'll be into really big problems.
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    I have a 95 sc and it runs extremely hot like top of the gauge and guzzles gas

    Too many possibilities for high fuel consumption to list here. Good place to start would be to check for any codes, although you never mentioned anything about the C.E.L. being on. O2 sensors, maf sensor, coolant temp or air intake temp sensor(s), fuel press regulator, leaking injectors, etc...
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    I have a 95 sc and it runs extremely hot like top of the gauge and guzzles gas

    If anything running hot should use less fuel, not more. if the temp dropped within 2-3 minutes after pulling over-(no air being pushed through rad) that would lead me to believe the fan was working, or it was at that time? Does the fan come on with A/C? maybe it was on that day & off next time?
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    A torque converter will not required for this application/conversion. Not sure what Jake_Jones405 is asking?
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    *Intermittent no start, can't chase it down*

    According to his past post's, he does have multiple issues. Evidence of rodent's chewing on the engine harness & plug wires, bad stumble & slow acceleration below 2000 RPM, a 3 pin connecter not hooked to anything & wiring cut off/terminated near MAF-may be for low coolant sensor?, IRCM wiring...
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    Spark plug mystery

    You are probably right, sounds like his biggest issue is the gap is too wide & those plugs look like they've got a lot of miles on them too. Fresh properly gapped plugs may cure his issue.
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    Stiff Brake Pedal

    If its a S/C then it would've originally had ABS, plus he said he checked relay & fuses,which leads me to believe it still retains the original master/booster set up. Likely a bad/weak accumulator or it could the pressure switch if it has boost initially at start up.
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    Temp Gauge not working

    1 sensor for the guage- (single wire), the other sensor controls signal to the ecm.
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    Spark plug mystery

    Well, seeing that both valves are closed during the compression stroke & remain closed after the spark occurs, cant see how the amount of boost in the intake system can "blow it out"
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    Manual transmission upgrade

    I guess I was wrong about everything lol. I wasn't sure, but now I know. I've never even heard of a tko500 or tko600.
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    Manual transmission upgrade

    My impression was that Altco200 was willing to use the M5R2 rather then his current T5 but he didn't want a hydraulic clutch set up. Maybe I misread. I also dont the S/C shifter will be in the correct location for a Mustang.
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    Manual transmission upgrade

    Oh, I didn't realize they used different ratio's in the M5R2 when it was in a a S/C instead of a pick up, but I also was mentioning it so you could use whatever clutch linkage they use in the trucks with a trans out of a S/C, if you dont want the hydraulic set up.
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    Manual transmission upgrade

    I'm not sure, but I think when they used this trans in Rangers & Mazda pick ups, the were mechanial clutch linkage? Might also be able to get a universal cable kit through Summit? Not sure about shifter placement either, may be too far back for use in a Mustang.
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    I thought the 5.0 was never offered in 89 or 90 as the new sloped hood wouldn't clear it? They redesigned the subframe & oilpan to get it to sit lower, as well as the intake for 91? Am I wrong?
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    O-ring size for supercharger fluid plug

    I just used one from a A/C system assortment.
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    WANTED . need a pass side Non power seat track .

    Were all S/C's not power pass seats?
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    Is it possible to pull 5.0 oil pan on the 91-92 models while still in the engine bay .

    I've heard that you can tap into bottom of timing cover for turbo/supercharger oil drain? Sounds simpler, but not something I'm familier with.
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    There was a post started on the 17th regarding this by 91bird . Check it out.
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    Shop Purge

    Need to become a paying member I believe ?
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    NPD's 35th Anniversary Car

    It must be a different variation of the cosmoline that I know. It was petroleum based & used to coat bare metal castings & stampings to prevent flash rusting.