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    SC is ready for Carlisle

    Dave.... jealous, me! I want your garage! Alan
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    Anyone still Driving em

    Both my cars are driveable again. The AOD car was a long slog to re-assemble after the body repairs and paint. I am about to install the side trim tomorrow and then the exterior is done. The interior is done. The engine needs a small amount of work and detailing. The 5 speed is another story. It...
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    Hotcars ~ T-Bird

    Not a fan of the rendered car. It looks like the batmobile at the back with those fins. Ugh! The front is a bit brutal as well. Alan
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    What do people say about your Super Coupe?

    I stopped for gas once in Ohio on the way to the shootout. My new fibreglass hood didn't have the bird emblem on it yet. A guy pulled up in front of me, in a MN12 bird, got out and asked me what kind of car I was driving. I guess removing the bird from the front puts you in 'stealth' mode...
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    No boost?

    Eastman bought out the BP lubricant line some years ago. I guess they needed something to fill in when Kodak went away. Alan
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    No boost?

    I run Eastman 2380 turbine oil in mine. Available at aircraft supply outfits. Nowhere near the price of the Ford stuff. If it is good for jet turbines on commercial aircraft, it is more than good for a blower snout. It is full synthetic and hydroscopic as well. Alan
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    2023 Thunderbird Reunion in Dearborn Michigan

    Hotel is booked. Tony (Silverbird) and I will be there. Looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.
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    Any 91 SC Engines available in the wider GTA?

    I found a couple of engines. PM sent Alan
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    Any 91 SC Engines available in the wider GTA?

    The 89 in Orillia has 280,000 kms and the 90 at Cookstown is 230,800 kms. PM sent to you Vytas. Alan
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    Still no Start

    My quarter horse failure acted the same. My test was to simply remove it a try to start. It should start but run like crap because the stock tune will not know what to do with your mods.
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    Hot summer days and the SC

    Popular wisdom, from DD himself, says you should reflash the chip in your computer to tell it there is a 180 thermostat in there. Otherwise the thermostat opens at 180, the radiator then heats up and the fans don't come on till 195. The end result is your car will run hotter because the fans are...
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    Anybody planning any meet up's this spring(year)

    Just had a bunch of rain. Then yesterday they sprayed the roads with salt again. C'mon Momma!
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    Anybody planning any meet up's this spring(year)

    I should be able to have one driveable. Insurance doesn't start up again until April 2. But I don't think the roads will be really clean before then. We need a couple of days of good rain after all the snow melts. Momma nature is a bit behind in her spring cleaning this year.
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    Newbie questions

    I had an Anni that got up to 454,000 miles before the odo failed. I drove it for another year after that until I was forced to end it's life because it got parasitic tin worm. I drove it year round in Toronto so it suffered badly from salt. Some of the parts live on in other members cars.
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    New owner of a 3.8l sc and was wondering aftermarket mods.

    First mod I would do before anything else would be to free up the exhaust. Everything else should be after that. No use boosting your boost and gas consumption if the engine can't breath. Alan
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    Newbie questions

    Just for fun .... the speedo drive gear in the transmission is also plastic. Could be nylon. Just saying. Alan
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    Meet up for labour day weekend

    We had four cars show up. Me, Tony, Ryan and Eddie. Spent about 3 hours talking cars and events. It would have been nice to see more cars and folks. Eddie has a really nice '89 that he has owned for more than 20 years and he keeps it looking sharp. Alan
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    Meet up for labour day weekend

    See y'all there.
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    Meet up for labour day weekend

    you can count me in, Ryan. Any day of the long weekend. Any time.
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    What happened to Ed Nicholson?

    Ed moved to Kennedy Ford in Oakville.