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  1. Williev3

    Red 1992 Thunderbird SC *Parts Car*

    Would you consider selling parts off of it? Seats or wheels? I'm by Bush airport.
  2. Williev3

    how old are SC owners

    55. First SC was a new 91 in 91 right after coming home from Desert Storm. I still have a 95
  3. Williev3

    SC parts, still have quite the collection

    Timing chain cover Would you have a timing chain cover for a 95 SC auto? I need one desperately
  4. Williev3


    Is there a knowledgeable SC mechanic anywhere in Houston, Texas? I have a 95 auto with a terrible upper tapping sound.I am in dire need of assistance.
  5. Williev3

    cylinder heads

    Are the heads in a 93 SC interchangeable with a 95 SC? I have a cracked drivers side head.
  6. Williev3

    Looking to buy a 93 to 95 SC

    93 in Ga I would be interested in the 93 you have. How much work does it need? Have any pics? The pic i have up is the engine on my 2000 mustang gt. I had to get rid of the terrible plastic crap intake manifold. I'm also doing a few more upgrades to the suspension and engine. As for the SC on...
  7. Williev3

    Looking to buy a 93 to 95 SC

    I have been looking to buy an SC in the Houston Texas area for some time now. It doesn't matter if it is automatic or manual. There are lots of these cars in the northeast or in Cali but never in Houston,TX. I have a 2000 Mustang gt convertible 5 speed in great shape with lots of new parts on it...
  8. Williev3

    SC Wanted in Houston, Tx area

    I am looking to buy an SC in the Houston Texas area for around $2000. Does not have to be perfect, just drivable. I have had 3 SC'S in the past and i really love them. Auto or 5 speed. Doesn't matter. Willie