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  1. Pablo94SC

    Stephanie Mathews

    In case anyone cares, the person referred to in this thread is also coupeCorona, or Chris Goodwin. Also goes by artic94sc or something similar.
  2. Pablo94SC

    94 brakes are still spongy.

    Still weak after all this time and a MC change. Taking it to a shop today to finally get it all sorted out. For those that are wondering what I'm experiencing... it's like I have normal braking power, say one-third pedal, from there to the floor. Like you would use gradually slowing down...
  3. Pablo94SC

    '93 Supercoupe 5 speed-So. Cal-Sell/Trade

    Mileage, pics?
  4. Pablo94SC

    Shootout Food and Banquet

    I agree with Ira about having a more "formal" awards dinner, and I think the extra cost is easily justifiable. Perhaps the committee can find a BBQ shop or similar restaurant that offers a party room with buffet style dinner for rent? Many of those are rented at a fixed cost per person...
  5. Pablo94SC

    Koni 8641-1209SPORT Front Shock Inserts

    I'd have gone Koni years ago if the fronts were actual shocks and not just inserts. They may be great, but not worth the hassle IMO. Or work. My 2nd pair of rears go from Normal to Jello. :rolleyes:
  6. Pablo94SC

    Any luck with this balancer?

    What I meant was, this seems like it should be in the Non Tech section.
  7. Pablo94SC

    Any luck with this balancer?

    Why did this get moved to Parts for Sale???
  8. Pablo94SC

    In case you didn't see it, MMP is scheduled to reopen in April.

    Link to my other post. I'll be there with bells on and hope you guys will come out as well! Oh, and I'll need some place to store my street tires and jack when the slicks go on, so if you aren't racing... LOL ;)
  9. Pablo94SC

    Memphis Motorsports Park to reopen in April, 2011

    Just wanted to throw this out there to everyone near Memphis whose track has shut down. It's a short drive and has always been a top notch place to race. Plus, paved pits! :D
  10. Pablo94SC

    Crank Shaft Key

    Might want to use that bolt you got to source a new one instead of using it. Safety first.
  11. Pablo94SC

    BHJ + Broken crank pulley bolts ..

    That happened to me and why I parked the car for the winter. It's going to a machine shop to let them sort it out. Edit: And like someone else mentioned in the other thread, it sounded like I had a rod knock it was so loud. God only knows how that harmonic (before I could hear it) was...
  12. Pablo94SC

    Gas draining on ground at gas pump?

    +1 I'd make sure you can get a new fuel level sending unit at your local parts house or at the dealer before you drop the tank because I'm willing to bet this is what is causing the leak.
  13. Pablo94SC

    Its getting old

    Explain it this way. You want to run the lowest weight oil possible that will give you no more than 10psi oil pressure over your RPM divided by 100 at WOT, at operating temperature (210*F). For example, at 5000rpm you'd want to see between 50-60psi. Less and the oil is too thin, and more is...
  14. Pablo94SC

    Got myself a New Daily Driver...German Content!

    Tight ride. I like the second set of wheels the best, but I'd keep the stock ones if it's a daily driver and upgrade the radio instead. :D PS: I don't want to scare you because a BMW can last forever if well maintained, but I can't emphasize how important it is to maintain the cooling system...
  15. Pablo94SC

    Weird Vibration Problem

    Sounds good. Just let me know what works for you.
  16. Pablo94SC

    spinning wheels sc

    Victor and Diane always helped me out. Never had a problem doing business with them at all.
  17. Pablo94SC

    Anyone have pictures of black stock wheels on black sc?

    I liked having Anny wheels on my XR7. Gave it a meaner look without going overboard. That early model above looked great with them.
  18. Pablo94SC

    Weird Vibration Problem

    Want me to take a ride in it with you to give you a fresh set of eyes/ears?
  19. Pablo94SC

    Tranny cooler install

    I had some good luck in the fog lamp opening, but eventually it was moved back in front of the radiator when Alan (DirtyDog) noticed that my forward clutches were showing signs of overheating. If you do the fog lamp opening, put a fan on it and/or make sure you have a good method to duct fresh...
  20. Pablo94SC

    Crank Shaft Key