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  1. slowpoke

    2 engines and 2 transmissions $1800

    i drive past the exit for you about once a week lol.
  2. slowpoke

    2 engines and 2 transmissions $1800

    more pictures
  3. slowpoke

    2 engines and 2 transmissions $1800

    Partly due to the left side of my body being rather disabled from my last deployment in 2013 im going a new route with the car. Im selling 2 sc engines and 2 transmissions to help fund the new build. The installed engine runs great and is currently being used to move the car around for body...
  4. slowpoke

    02 PI 4.6 Mustang eng + stock auto trans, looking to trade for SC engine

    if your still looking to trade send me a pm
  5. slowpoke

    High Stall Torque Converter vs Low stall.

    ill say this much based on my personal recent experience with a stall convertor. i have a 94 suburban with a 330hp 380ft tq 350, rebuilt 4l60e tranny, 4.88 forward and rear gears with a richman locker, 35in tires and it currently weight just under 7300lbs due to all of the extreme audio gear...
  6. slowpoke

    SC Head Gasket Failure

    yes, with this engine your head gasket will fail. when is the true question. after about 80k your at risk. some have lasted longer than 200k. mine took a poop at about 180k. its not if its when. when mine went it did give some warning. for about a month before it started losing coolant but i...
  7. slowpoke

    SC for Sale Unfortunatley

    to bad your not closer. i would buy this in a heart beat. glws
  8. slowpoke

    Manual transmission fluid

    i think i might swap fluids now
  9. slowpoke

    My Dad's latest project.

    so how fast can this thing go?
  10. slowpoke

    BHJ, stock pully. Need 2 have balanced? or no?

    well over 35k miles ago i got the same 1. also installed the entire underdrive pulley set. 0.00 issues.
  11. slowpoke

    An update on the saga of my bird's brakes

    although i suggest conventional i do have 2 full assemblies that i can part with. pm has been sent
  12. slowpoke

    Double Intercooler Discussion

    pm sent budxr7
  13. slowpoke

    Double Intercooler Discussion

    i insulated my lower tube with dynaliner and wrapped heat shielding around the area thats next to the exhaust. when i did this i noticed an average of 10-15f act decrease on the q-horse. also wrapping the tanks in the dual ic helps prevent heat soak from the engine compartment allowing the ic to...
  14. slowpoke

    Double Intercooler Discussion

    if you have a 5 speed it has a port for a signal when you shift into 5th gear. you can use that with a relay to cut power to the fan when you hit 5th gear. just keep in mind to also set up a bypass for when you are maintaining wot in 5th gear.
  15. slowpoke

    Supercharger Overdrive ratio changes/recommendations

    im on 43k miles with 25% od. i have some massively worked over heads, headers ext. so long as you can flow the air you will be fine.
  16. slowpoke

    Manifolds vs Headers

    but but but headers are cool!
  17. slowpoke

    1990 3.8 wont start and im at my wits end!!!!

    i bought the fat 1. i didnt know about a thin 1 or i might have gotten that.
  18. slowpoke

    Over torquing head bolts?

    i 100% agree. arp studs for sure.
  19. slowpoke

    upshift light

    with a manul it comes on around 5,200 ish. it also comes on and stays on when the crank position sensor is shot.