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  1. Rodeo Joe

    Reproduction Motorcraft battery stickers

    I'm not having much luck finding one, but I did this. Is it close enough? I might try what Norm-L suggested and see if I can get it made. Joe
  2. Rodeo Joe

    Reproduction Motorcraft battery stickers

    Thanks guys, I'll check it out! Joe
  3. Rodeo Joe

    Reproduction Motorcraft battery stickers

    Does anyone know of reproduction Motorcraft battery stickers, I got to make the new battery look nice! Joe
  4. Rodeo Joe

    Bill Wheeler (Sir William) founder of TCCoA passed away

    Bill passed away this morning due to complications from Covid. There's a thread going on over at TCCoA about it, RIP Bill. Joe
  5. Rodeo Joe

    94 thunderbird differential

    All the V8 cars had an 8.8, some 3.8 cars had them also. Check the classifieds here and over at TCCoA, they do pop up once and a while. Joe
  6. Rodeo Joe

    rock auto &fedex rip off

    Any chance it went to neighbors house by mistake? UPS has done this to me by just dropping off my packages at my neighbor across the street. Joe
  7. Rodeo Joe

    4r70w speedometer off

    Poking around on TCCoA and the 4R had a 7 tooth and an 8 tooth output shaft. The T-Bird has the 7 tooth, so is it possible the shop put in an 8 tooth shaft. That will throw the speedo off. Joe
  8. Rodeo Joe

    4r70w speedometer off

    Can you verify that the gear is the correct one in there, that the shop didn't put a different one in. Joe
  9. Rodeo Joe

    4r70w speedometer off

    The gear was the first thing that came to mind. Did a shop do the rebuild? Change the tire size recently? Joe
  10. Rodeo Joe

    Change location

    There's a toolbar at the top of the page, on the right side is your user name. Click on it and you should see Account Details, click that and your info is there. Joe
  11. Rodeo Joe

    1990 T-Bird SC 14,030 miles -original owner

    He posted Friday that the car sold. Joe
  12. Rodeo Joe

    Overdrive issue

    Could also be a bad MLPS (manual lever position sensor). 94-95s had a problem with them, might need to be updated. Joe
  13. Rodeo Joe

    Quarter glass

    What condition is the molding in, any chance you could get a few close up pictures? Joe
  14. Rodeo Joe

    first time posting on the forum

    Michael, Sorry to hear about your friend passing away. Go to the Cars For Sale forum and you can post a listing with a description and pictures of the car you want to sell. Where in MA are you? Joe
  15. Rodeo Joe

    phishing email attempt?

    I saw that same email on my phone in the junk folder but not on the home PC. I'm over at (TBN) and they had a problem with that. Are you a member over there also? Joe
  16. Rodeo Joe

    Testing the test!

    The testing of testing the test passed the test! :) Joe
  17. Rodeo Joe


    Looking good! Joe
  18. Rodeo Joe

    just testing things

    Looks good! Joe
  19. Rodeo Joe


    Where are your wheels?! Joe
  20. Rodeo Joe

    Testing the test!

    Test test test