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  1. JonS

    WTB SC 5 speed

    Sorry, I don't have one for sale myself
  2. JonS

    WTB SC 5 speed

    5 spd. For sale. Decent shape. You may have to pick 2 of three. Pretty rare these days. You may want to look at some facebook groups also. they pop up from time to time there.
  3. JonS

    Looking for a 89-94 SC 5-speed.

    I have a fairly nice 95 auto in electric current red.
  4. JonS

    94-95 TBSC instrument cluster surround

    I need a 94-95 TBSC instrument cluster surround that's in decent shape. reply or message me please. Thanks! Jon
  5. JonS

    SC parts, still have quite the collection

    Randall, do you still have the 94-95 instrument cluster surround? thanks, Jon
  6. JonS

    3/4" DD Stub Shafts for Steering U-Joints - Final Batch

    I went on vacation and missed the whole thing! If you list again, I'd like two.
  7. JonS

    What do people say about your Super Coupe?

    new YT episode in the making?
  8. JonS

    new owner of a blue bird

    "Even with the 12% OD pulley it's making only 11psi now. I'm trying to figer out if I have some leakage on the tubes/intercooler or if I'm facing some belt slippage... is there an easy way to find that out??" With a higher flow / lower backpressure exhaust, the boost might go down. Right now...
  9. JonS

    new owner of a blue bird

    Really nice looking bird. I like a few of the mods, but wonder why you need bigger injectors at 217 hp? What I really like is the "antenna up" switch. Wish my '95 had that.
  10. JonS

    1990 Red Super Coupe Manual 65k miles

    Wow. I hope you got your asking price. That's a really pretty car.
  11. JonS

    So this happened today.

    well that sucks. from what I've read, it is not rare. while you're down there, replace the crank sensor and main seal.
  12. JonS

    Nice sc on ebay

    that's a great story right there
  13. JonS

    Heater Blower Speed Controller

    I got my replacement controller for my 95 from RockAuto. It was maybe $100. Job took about 15 mins to replace. The only difference was the original had a made in canada sticker, the replacement made in china. I switched the stickers lol
  14. JonS

    OEM / original Motorcraft SC shocks, 70,000 miles

    I've seen interest in used, OEM shocks here. I just had my replaced with new Tokico shocks, and had them save the originals. I'm not saying they are good - I replaced them - but they did still perform the firm / soft change and didn't bounce like bad shocks do. I see a little oil weeping, I...
  15. JonS

    Back to my favorite wheels.....

    They look great! I have 18" x 9" front and back on my whitebird. Do you find the steering a little wonky when you change lanes over the crown of a road? Handle great, look great otherwise. Would love a pic showing the look of the stagger in back.
  16. JonS

    Need help purchasing a new HB for my 95 SC...

    I've never heard of Free Star before. Where'd you find that? Looking forward to your channel, Tim, it might provide some much needed motivation to finish my RedBird
  17. JonS

    Installing BHJ balancer

    If I could do it, it's easy I did my 95 a couple of years ago. Followed the RTV directions, IIRC, and dabbed a bit on the key to prevent oil weeping. I also replace the main front seal - why not while you are down there? That turned out to be the PIA because I didn't have a big socket to tap...
  18. JonS

    Two early model (89-93) blower pulleys

    Closed Purchased two nice pulleys from Bill Evanhoff. Thanks for the interest and offers!
  19. JonS

    Early Supercharger Pulley For Sale

    Perfect. PM sent
  20. JonS

    Early Supercharger Pulley For Sale

    You are very experienced, do you think the dent on the back is an issue?