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  1. AdamG

    SC is ready for Carlisle

    I'm still going through the last minute thrash trying to get things done, this will be the longest trip I've taken the tbird on since it was basically stock, also my first time going to Carlisle so I can't wait...
  2. AdamG

    Manual transmission upgrade

    Best bet will be a bell housing for a mustang (whatever your year is they always had a 289/302 option until 95, but this will work up to 04s) then you can maintain the factory cable setup, then run either the 157 or 164 tooth flywheel at neutral or zero balance, whatever size your year takes.
  3. AdamG

    Manual transmission upgrade

    A m5r2 won't work in a mustang without some cutting for sure, the shifter is too far back. F-150s used m5r2s with the shifter on top of the transmission as noted by 35th, they are also geared totally different. The rangers used a m5r1 transmission. M=mazda, 5=5 speed, R=rwd, 1=light duty, 2...
  4. AdamG


    As far as the subframe I think they are all the same. The 5.0 was only offered in 91-93, was same intake manifold as the 94-95 mustang gt. Oil pan is standard foxbody dual sump pan.
  5. AdamG


    Yes, a 302 will bolt right up. However, you do need the 5.0 motor mounts. Make sure the shop you take it to is familiar with the transmissions though, not bad to work on but requires a few specific tools. It should hold up fine with a stock to lightly modified 302. I'm running a built 363...
  6. AdamG

    Is it possible to pull 5.0 oil pan on the 91-92 models while still in the engine bay .

    I have had to replace an oil pump in mine once years ago, was able to get just enough room to do that by just lifting the motor as high as it would go but the pan was no where near coming out at that point though. The pickup tube is the main thing that gets in the way.
  7. AdamG

    Shop Purge

    pm sent
  8. AdamG


    pm sent.
  9. AdamG

    What's a good rear tire/wheel setup?

    I second that, exactly the size I run on mine. You probably will need to roll the lip on the quarter panel but other than that they look great and fit great.
  10. AdamG

    Removal and Installment of Wiper Motor Tray

    The wiper tray isn't horrible to remove. Remove screws from the top of the cowl, unhook the washer fluid line. Then there are several 8mm bolts that hold the lower tray to the body. Most are in the tray itself but there are one or two one the bottom as well. Unplug the wiper motor and it...
  11. AdamG

    Spring Meet / Road Rally 2023 ??

    You know I'll be there for sure.
  12. AdamG

    Switching ABS to Conventional.

    So on my 93lx 5.0 and my buddy's 91 cougar ls 5.0 we have 4 line master cylinders. The master is also the proportioning valve basically. Both were drum brake cars, both now have cobra discs all around. Probably the best brakes I've ever had, super smooth, amazing peddle feel, no excessive...
  13. AdamG

    2023 Carlisle Hotel

    Same issue I had, called and was told they were all booked up. Called back the next day and talked to a manager, I said I was with sccoa and booked it with no issue.
  14. AdamG

    1990 heater core replacement

    The last time I changed my heater core about a year ago it took me about 4 hours. I didn't have to evacuate the a/c, only removed the dash far enough to sneak the core out of the slot. Remove center console, then carefully ( I do mean carefully) remove the trim piece between the cluster and...
  15. AdamG

    What would cause a fuel line to blow off?

    I had similar leaking issues on mine as well, I ended up cutting the old nylon hose off the connection in the wheel well and ran a 6an steel braided hose directly to the fuel rail. The barbs on the factory line are pretty aggressive but I still double clamped it just to be safe. I have an...
  16. AdamG

    ignition problem

    Sounds like an issue I just had last week. I had to replace my heater core so obviously I had to pull the dash out somewhat. Anyway, after it was together, I would try to start it and nothing. Turned it on, jumped it at the solenoid and it started right up. So I've got the starter signal...
  17. AdamG

    Leaking Fuel Under Passenger Footwell

    It should just be a "cover" that's supposed to protect and hold up the lines. Possiby just rubbed through the metal line there. Just curious, what part of Ohio are you moving to? I'm by Cincinnati, we have a decent mn12 group around here and always looking for more...
  18. AdamG

    Wiper cowl

    There's a 91 sc at You Pull and Pay in Cincinnati that had a decent set on it as of yesterday (5/24)...
  19. AdamG

    Early Summer Meet in Cincinnati

    June 24th and 25th Queen city mustangers is putting on their annual ford cruise and show, seeing if anyone is interested in attending. Friday: 9am meet for cruise, $10 per car, all proceeds go to hospice Cincinnati. Friday evening: Tune and test at edgewater. 1/4 mile track, they...
  20. AdamG

    4.6 2V swap dream list

    If you plan on going with a v8, get rid of any ideas of running the m90, it will hurt more than help, not big enough. Honestly even at $5000 that will still be cheaper than a motor swap. That $1500 was just a basic idea on the motor itself, if adding a supercharger of any kind, at least triple...