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  1. Payton

    Anyone still Driving em

    Iam down for a meet ! Al, put it together, budddy
  2. Payton

    Parts needed 90

    off topic: Saw one Tbird today in Utah's Zion State Park
  3. Payton

    No start

    Hey guys, tried to get my car out of hibernation today and she wouldn't start. The only way to start her up is with key on I have to jumper two bolts on the starter solenoid. Is my ignition switch needs to be replaced or something else?
  4. Payton

    Anybody planning any meet up's this spring(year)

    Weather is getting nice. Need to circle a date for a meet sometime soon, boys!
  5. Payton

    WTB : side trim pieces.

    got them, thank you
  6. Payton

    WTB : side trim pieces.

    Looking to buy bumper pieces above the yellow line for 89-93 tbird, both sides please. Has to be shipped to Toronto, Canada. Please let me know if you have them in decent shape.
  7. Payton


    Yeah, Vitas, it's frustrating But persistence pays off. hopefully Good to see you are still around and keeping your Tbird
  8. Payton

    Looking for parts

    Hey Drew, been long time. I' a bigger MAF if you are interested. you are welcome to have it.
  9. Payton


    How are you guys all doing ? I am staying home for about a month now, trying to avoid all work. Procrastinating at the finest. Hope you all are safe Dzmitry
  10. Payton

    Who's still out there? Let's meet

    See you there. Is Tony back yet?
  11. Payton

    So let's get together

    Oops, Alan made me to believe that the meet is this sunday, hence I didn't make it
  12. Payton

    This year's Shootout

    Wow, nice job. Congrats Roll cage should be on the shopping list as well.
  13. Payton

    So let's get together

    I'll try to make it
  14. Payton

    89-92 Rear window top trim

    Looking for one in decent shape. Mine is all gone. Let me know what you got . Thanks You can email me pics to dbatsiai at gmail dot com
  15. Payton

    Aftermarket C&L MAF for sale

    Yes Greg. .....
  16. Payton

    Aftermarket C&L MAF for sale

    3.5" inlet and 3" outlet Asking 50$ Contact me if interested 416-703-3671 Dzmitry
  17. Payton

    My Shootout Story

    Welcome to the club Alan. Nice to see all hard work starting to pay off. You always have a story to tell coming back from the shoot out, eh?) What a crappy video. Did you shoot it with Motorolla Razor?
  18. Payton

    Spring has finally sprung

    Thanks again Alan for a thunderbird supercoupe delivery service provided.