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    ?? torque converter is for an automatic has nothing to do with a manual trans if you need to source a 302 best bet is to get a gt40 engine out of a 98-01 explorer. Snatch all of it with the ecu and all.
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    Finally stopped Procrastinating....

    this weekend?? Man if only time would allow.
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    94 T-Bird SC "NO START", no fuel.

    You have a fuel pump relay in the trunk?
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    Switching ABS to Conventional.

    I'm not surprised. Going to larger front brakes and swapping from rear drums to discs would probably about cancel each other out in that the bias pressure should be about the same.
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    2300 TVS update

    toss the aod and stuff a 4r70w in it so you can control it with the ecu
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    94 T-Bird SC "NO START", no fuel.

    I thought my fuel pump went out in my 94 5spd but I figured out it was the fuel pump relay in the ICRM (that box your referring to) that went bad. I added an external relay and all worked fine.
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    Switching ABS to Conventional.

    There's quite a bit of balance that's needed to have a really effective braking setup. If the rears have too much bias then they will lock up before the fronts do under hard braking. If they aren't getting enough pressure then your stopping distance will be increased. You could also get brake...
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    Finally Joined

    that always blowes i approve of the shot of red
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    Looking to purchase 1992 Thunderbird SC Automatic - any advice?

    What I normally do after inspecting everything visually is take her on the highway and do a full wot run to top speed. If it has any issues you'll know.
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    BE Tuning timing changes

    its not in BE you have to upgrade to tunerpro
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    Chuck Norris?

    Its plausible and wouldn't be surprising at all. In my years I've learned that the entire world is a very small place.
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    4.6 2V swap dream list

    the 3.8 isn't complex at all once you actually get used to them and if you think thats complex then a trans and engine swap being boosted is going to be much more complex in any case theres not really a cheap option for what your wanting which is a supercharged engine that originally came n/a...
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    BE Tuning timing changes

    Or you can just change the stoich value from the stock 14.64 value to the actual AFR for the concentration of ethanol your running.
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    What to look out for when buying an SC

    rust is the only thing to really look for given these vehicles ages a full maintenance routine is in order regardless factor in upgrading brake system and replacing all suspension components if you plan on making her a driver
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    Resonator alternative

    I put a 36" resonator on my black 90 sc as a resonator and it made it sound aweful. I have in recent times used the vibrant ultra quiet resonators and they IMO one of the greatest automotive pieces ever manufactured. I've never put one on any of my supercoupes but on my harley truck I was able...
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    Ford 3.8 Experimental Engine

    No need in an aftermarket ecu. Simply get a 36-1 reluctor wheel and mount it to the crank along with a vr crank trigger, same setup as the 94/95 supercoupe and 94+ v6 mustangs. You'll need a VR cam sensor (2 wire not 3 wire) along with the cam stalk from a 99-04 v6 mustang. You'll probably...
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    Fuel injector interchangability...

    Injectors are not where you mis-match or get 'good enough' or close enough injectors. If you cannot source a set of OEM replacements then factor in a moates quarterhorse to correct the injector parameters. Single or 4 hole doesn't make a difference it'll all run the same once dialed in...
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    2300 TVS update

    Yeah its amazing how a weak coil seems to act as a rev limiter on these cars. IME its pretty consistent too. I've never experienced it on anything else quite like the supercoupes.
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    42lbs injector swap

    toss the stock injectors and maf tube back on and verify it functions normal again if it does then you will need to order a moates quarterhorse and download tunerpro rt to dial in the injectors and maf
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    1990 SC wont start

    I had a friends 89 supercoupe have the exact same issues as the OP, except it happened in minutes. Car drove perfect and everything was fine. Parked in front the house and went back out to fire her up 10 minutes later and same issues. It took me about 10 minutes of tinkering to find it was a...