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  1. ScrapSC

    1994 Black SC auto parts car

    Are the dash vents in good condition?? My passenger side vent had a knee crush it....
  2. ScrapSC

    Mark VIII Gas Tank w/Dual Pumps?

    I modified my hanger and installed the 450 pump for E85 that is out now.... Used a line from "radium" to go from pump to the bottom of the hat.... From there I have -8 split to each side of the rail and back to tank with -6. All ptfe line that is coated.
  3. ScrapSC

    5% OD SC pulley and 10% JS Pulley

    Asking 200 as a set and I will ship.... Jackshaft is SOLD...... 5% SC pulley is still up for sale....
  4. ScrapSC

    performance parts for sale

    Are the rotors from Magnum Powers??
  5. ScrapSC

    2017 Upgrades

    Get those belts all nice and new with some GRIPTION and see what times you can pull.
  6. ScrapSC

    Test & Tune Session

    Keep an eye on the RAIN... It is supposed to start off in the morning here in the Lex area.. At least that is what the forecast has shown...
  7. ScrapSC

    1990 SC Parting Out

    Shoot me a message... I have a few parts I am interested in.. including the springs...
  8. ScrapSC

    Used SC parts out of the garage for sale

    I PM'd you...
  9. ScrapSC

    Used SC parts out of the garage for sale

    I am interested in the Starter, SC Fluid, Moon Roof seal, crank and cam sensor, IRCM, Taylor Wires, IRS Bushings, and Door post restore kit....
  10. ScrapSC

    power steering delete made simple... and it looke good..

    How are the manual racks doing??? I am going to order my stuff in the next couple of days. Car wont be ready for shootout anyway so I am going to go ahead and do this while its in the air... Is it a Flaming River?? or ????
  11. ScrapSC

    S-port with matching inlet plenum

    Sold Sold sold :)
  12. ScrapSC

    S-port with matching inlet plenum

    Send me an email or possibly a way to FB message them to you.
  13. ScrapSC

    S-port with matching inlet plenum

    SOLD I have an S-port that I was running on my 95 up for sale. I believe it has the 70mm throttle body matched up to the inlet plenum. $500 plus the ride.... SOLD
  14. ScrapSC

    2017 SCCoA Top 15

    Yep!! I have wrenching to do.. :eek: It is coming along though...
  15. ScrapSC

    Winter upgrades for 2016

    Being able to use the mustang spindles and make use of the shocks that Dave and Rich are using would be great... I have been looking at doing this K-member as well but figured I would wait until the bugs get worked out of some of the fitment.
  16. ScrapSC

    power steering delete made simple... and it looke good..

    Once we delete the power steering what would the belt wrap look like? With AC delete it would definitely be a shorter belt. So, crank pulley over and around the jackshaft, under and up the side of the water pump, over top the tensioner and the alternator and back down to the crank...
  17. ScrapSC

    2017 shoot out????

    I saw on Clay City's schedule for this year that the "Super Coupe" day was October 8th. They are under new management and are running Wednesday through Sunday now....
  18. ScrapSC

    94/95 Motor mounts.

    In search of a set of engine mount brackets for a 94/95... I have the solid rubber mounts just need the brackets....
  19. ScrapSC

    Anyone make any runs this weekend??

    Looks like Clay City will have the track open on Thursday nights now for TnT..... Cool....
  20. ScrapSC

    SFI flexplate?

    Got the one that Vining was talking about. Going to order a set of the bolts as well...