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  1. Falcon20x

    92 Thunderbird Sc overheating Help

    For a head gasket issue, check for white smoke out of the tail pipe and bubbles in the coolant tank. The thermostats housing is known to leak, check the around the thermostat jacket and gasket.
  2. Falcon20x

    89 Super Coupe engine to 68 Mustang

    I have been thinking of doing the same thing for awhile now. I was just Talking to a mechanic about it yesterday. He thought the shocks towered would have to be cut and upgraded to accommodate the larger 3.8 engine. No idea if it is true
  3. Falcon20x

    Looking for a short SC block

    That is an idea. I was hoping to just do a transplant and call it a day. I would consider going to a 4.2 but I was told that getting any type of pistons, rods etc was nearly impossible. Supply issues etc..
  4. Falcon20x

    Looking for a short SC block

    She is does not seem bad at long it is not a rut bucket, that is a steal for 1k. I would make the trip to get her
  5. Falcon20x

    Looking for a short SC block

    I’m in Dallas, Texas. 90 to 93 SC Sorry I should have mentioned it. I’m suppose to NC in the near future. So a possibility, but wrong year. Why would the car be part out? To much rust? Otherwise it would be a shame
  6. Falcon20x

    Block welding needed

    Actually it was empty, so I thought. Must have been some water left standing in the back of the engine and with the ic estime of the century we had in Texas last year. That is the end result. Radiator got wrapped too. Again all the water had been drain out prior.
  7. Falcon20x

    Looking for a short SC block

    Looking for a SC block that must be usable or fixable Short block or full engine will also work
  8. Falcon20x

    Block welding needed

    Not what I was expecting to see. Is it even possible to fix?
  9. Falcon20x

    Keyless remote entry 92 SC

    If you have a key pad access on the door, you can convert a 94/95 key less entry module to work on earlier model SC. Again only works if you have a key pad on the door. Otherwise, you will have to use an aftermarket. I have both. Unless you can have someone build you a converted unit, The...
  10. Falcon20x

    35th Anniversary Accessories

    I'm. Do you have a price in mind?
  11. Falcon20x

    Crank and sputter but no start here is what you do not want to see
  12. Falcon20x

    Crank and sputter but no start

    " all lights will go out for a split second almost like cranking on a low battery but the battery is new and charged, then go right back to cranking. " Located below the steering column, check your ignition starter switch. If you see a gap between the plastic and the metal, it might be your issue.
  13. Falcon20x

    Instrument cluster compatibility

    Not compatible unfortunately. One quick way to identify a 89 to 92 vs a 93 cluster is by looking at the back plastic film. The earlier version will have a green plastic film. The 93 will be pink. I had to learn the hard way, I have both a 1990 and a 1993. The 93 odometer had somewhere a break...
  14. Falcon20x

    Super Coup Motor Complete

    Still have it?
  15. Falcon20x

    For sale

    Location and price?
  16. Falcon20x

    Completely parted out 91 SC, white with red cloth

    Did they sale? If not I would like to get them
  17. Falcon20x

    phishing email attempt?

    Not a member, never even been to their site .