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  1. FearThis SC

    95 SC 5 speed in NY SOLD

    I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK WITH YOU ABOUT THIS SC in great detail! I've sent you an PM with my phone number! Thanks, Calvin
  2. FearThis SC

    93 SC 5speed F.S.

    Pictures? Do you have any photos?
  3. FearThis SC

    '94 5-spd SC **SOLD!**

    Thanks! Just let me know soon! I'm still LQQKING!
  4. FearThis SC

    '94 5-spd SC **SOLD!**

    Is this car for sale still? I would be very interesting in getting back into the right SC! THIS IS A SERIOUS INQUIRE! PM ME YOUR PHONE NUMBER SO WE CAN DISCUSS THE CAR IN DETAIL! THANKS! Calvin
  5. FearThis SC

    92 Supercharger w/MP Raised Top, ESM 10%, C&L 73 MAFS, plus more

    Please take a look at the auction that is listed for more information: AUCTION STATES ¾" RAISED TOP, IT IS A 1½" MAGNUM POWERS RAISED TOP! THIS IS ALL THAT IS LEFT OF MY 92 SC, I DO NOT POSSESS ANY OTHER PARTS...
  6. FearThis SC

    94' Supercharger and inlet

    I didn't get the pictures, please post them here in this post. Do you accept paypal, as I can pay today!!
  7. FearThis SC

    94' Supercharger and inlet

    Email me so pictures!
  8. FearThis SC

    35th for sale

    Things are going slow, I've gutted my house, walls and ceilings. Having new electrical throughout then insulation then drywall. Biggest problem is having to send the insurance check(s) to the Mortgage company for them to sign off on it, then they make you jump thru hoops to release the...
  9. FearThis SC

    35th for sale

    I recieved it. Nice SC, great price toooo. You should be able to sell it, NP!
  10. FearThis SC

    Need a Carfax?

    n/m n/m....................please delete
  11. FearThis SC

    Looking at an SC tomorrow

  12. FearThis SC

    Need Advice, bad...If ever!....Very Long!

    I have the leather/tweed option in my 92, not sure it's a dealer option. I believe it's factory!
  13. FearThis SC

    35th for sale

    How much do you want for it?
  14. FearThis SC

    1991 SC Engine Related Parts 4 sale

    Interior color?
  15. FearThis SC

    what brand slave cylinder ?

    Yes, Raybestos is a good brand!
  16. FearThis SC

    Stupid Mistake, Need Advice

    Going slow. But all in all its going well.
  17. FearThis SC

    Someone is up to more tricks...

    Well I would prefer an SC than a WOODEN BARREL!
  18. FearThis SC

    Stupid Mistake, Need Advice

    LOL @ RICK You should be OK with flushing it and changing the oil again!