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    Looking for a DIC

    I may be interested sure, any chance you have a pic or two? Any idea where the leak is? Thanks
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    Looking for a DIC

    Been searching for a while, figured I'd try again if anyone has a DIC they are looking to part with? Thanks Drew
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    Welcome Lou, good luck with your search. There are a few decent looking ones for sale rn on marketplace and kijiji. I think there is also a nice red one locally on autotrader. But haven't looked myself the last little bit. Cheers, post a pic if you find one
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    Anyone still Driving em

    Hey fellas, been a while. Hope all is good with everyone. Anyone in the GTA still driving their Birds this year? Managed to get mine out a few times so far. Any interest in a meet at all this summer also? Cheers Drew
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    Flashbackin' .....

    Awesome Bruce, I remember reading through that back in the days. Some nice SCs on there
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    A nice SC at Scarberia dealer ..

    Great looking SC for sure. Love the light interior
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    Any 91 SC Engines available in the wider GTA?

    Car looks awesome love those wheels. Hope you can get it going. Drew
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    Anybody planning any meet up's this spring(year)

    Nice looking cougar, wheels look sharp
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    Saturday's Storm

    Glad all was ok with you guys, all fine here. Lots of big trees came down on our street. But ours was fine and the bird and boat made out ok here. Hope the same for the rest of the club. Cheers Drew
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    Back at it!

    Looks amazing, sounds amazing. Awesome job.
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    Custom wheel shop

    Dumb question but wondering if the custom wheel shop is still around? Was looking on line and couldn’t find it. Looking to upgrade from my old ROH snypers. Thanks Drew
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    Gave the birds a bath yesterday

    Very nice
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    Good day for a test drive.

    Looks amazing
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    Anybody planning any meet up's this spring(year)

    No kidding Al, they sure are happy with the salt button this year
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    WTB double intercooler or FMIC

    Figured I’d check again if anyone has a DIC they would like to part with? Thanks Drew
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    Anybody planning any meet up's this spring(year)

    I’d be interested when the roads are clean in spring for sure. Drew
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    FS: 18x9 CHROME SALEEN SPEEDSTARS w/Nitto tires

    Sent ya a pm, Cheers Drew
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    1992 Super Coupe

    Sent a message to ya on the FMIC. Thanks Drew