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    I was asking the OP where he was.
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    Where are you located?
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    Reusing the custom exhaust from my 4.6?

    I sold the engine out of my 4.6 and I have the exhaust sitting here. It’s 2 1/2” pipe into a magnaflow x pipe/resonator into two magnaflow mufflers. Is this too much for a stock super coupe? Would 2 1/4” be better? I’m worried about back pressure and sound quality, but this way would only cost...
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    SC 94/95 Console and accessories, some FN-10 parts too!

    Is the center console grey?
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    Stock radiator differences

    I found this post discussing the differences
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    94 hood bra

    Looking for a front end bra, maybe even just the hood part, to cover up a dent until I eventually get the car painted. I’m guessing only 94-95 will fit.
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    Stock radiator differences

    No. Mine has a t fitting that has one opening squeezed and melted closed with a lighter. It looks horrible. Thanks for the info. I did find another post that says that the upper mounts are slightly different.
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    Stock radiator differences

    My 94 5 speed has what appears to be an early model radiator. It's also from an automatic. The nipple for the overflow is pointed to the passenger's side instead of the driver's side where the overflow tank is on 94-95s. This has a weird homemade setup to get the tubing pointed in the right...
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    Shout out to Joey

    Just saw this. You're welcome. And thanks for your help too.
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    94/95 body kit for sale in SC

    I have 94/95 Xenon body kit for sale if anyone is interested. Make an offer. I'm in central South Carolina. I will be in Concord, NC next month and I can bring it with me if anyone is interested from North Carolina. I will try to get it out and cleaned up this weekend.
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    Premium Radio

    Are they the same throughout the years? I have the one that came out of my 94.
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    South Carolina????

    I'm in Lexington County. About a 30 minute drive to Columbia. I'm a fairly new Super Coupe owner, but its my third Thunderbird.
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    How do I join the SCCoA Facebook page?

    Like the title says. I’ve clicked join group multiple times and I guess someone just denies it every time.
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    Unloading my stash - Mostly 89-93 parts

    I would like the rear tail lamps. Can you send me a pic of the chip on the drivers side?
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    m90s, heads, leftover parts

    I’m interested, depending on shipping price. How much to 29070?
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    m90s, heads, leftover parts

    Do you still have the exhaust manifolds?
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    New owner of a 94 5speed

    New super coupe owner, but not new to Thunderbirds. I owned a 94 3.8 and them moved up to a 95 4.6 with the PI swap. I parked it and bought an 07 mustang GT that was totaled. I was rear ended and pushed into another car. I just bought a 94 super coupe fixer upper that needs some work. I’ve...