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    blow out sale of a lot of 90's stuff.

    Center Console I am looking for a automatic center console call me Ron Randall 209-985-5089
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    Parts for Sale

    SC owners I am in Modesto. I am looking for a 89 automatic console. Is any body still here?? call me 209-985-5089 Ron Randall
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    500hp V6??

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    Club members

    How many members are there still out there? I am getting ready to get my 89 going again. After many years of. Sing down. Now with several more mods. I am wanting to see how it will run now. Anybody can email me direct if you would like. Let's get this group going again
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    9.989et at 135.303mph on test run Silver Bullet makes SC history

    Good time You did good. I knew my transmission would hold up.LOL But everything thing else that you did sure worked out perfect. Don't make it too much faster it will make it harder for me to try to keep up.
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    Jim Demmit jr.

    Fomosa The last btime that we got together. the north meets the south Jimmy and i won. Nobody in the south could keep up. That was about 5 or 6 years ago. we should plan on another meet as soon as the weather is better. Oh yeh and as soon as I get my engine back together. I do plan on getting...
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    California Member Map

    Still not on there I looked again and I am not on there YET !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    California Member Map

    Where is my Name I have been amember for 5 years or so. i live in Modesto, Ca. It also still sayes Newbe
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    See you all at the Drag Strip Sat

    What was your 60 ft time? Was it better than before? How did the trans work out for you? How was the shift qualities? What else did you do other than the trans. I am still waiting on my pistons. The crank is back from being harded. It looks strange all gray still has to be polished. Hopefully...
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    Jimmy call me

    Jimmy PLEASE call me I need to talk to you I need some hillbilly advice 209-985-5089 Ron Randall :) :) :)
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    It's Time To Rumble

    August August sound good to me . I hope to have my engine back together and in and runnung long before them. I broke a piston and she still ran good as long as you could keep the pcv vavle in the vavlecover. I will have a better chance of taking up the slack for Jimmy if I could get him to...
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    I drove down last weekend. it sucked but I have an aunt in Lakwood so it was not so bad I have a transmission seminar in Hayward on Sat. so I am fling out of Oakland sat nite. i have a rental car lined up and a room. then I am fling back Sunday nite. It will be worth it I love the races...
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    I was wondering if anyone is planning on going to the races. The 22nd of Feb. It is the Winternationals. You can call me on my cel the day of the races 209-985-5089. We can meet up and talk. You don't to be afraid because I am from Northern Ron Randall
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    Next meet I forgot to add. I am going to Pomona the 22 nd. It is Winternationals. Is anyone else going down there call me 209-985-5089
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    Test and tune Last time i was the only one there. I had to take my girlfriend to the Home and Garden show at Cal expo. I would rather of been at the track. Acutauly i did not check the board that am before leaving for Sac. No big deal at least we got out of town. I will be at the next meet...
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    Sac Car show

    Anyone going to the car show at Cal Expo tomorrow. I am thinking of going
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    Parts for sale.....list!

    MAF I am looking for a Pro-M 87 mm Maf. Ron Randall
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    Track Results

    screwed up I must still be half asleep still . we went to the Home and Garden show at Cal Expo. I quess I should prof. read what I typed. Ron Randall It just wasn't the same as going racing. But sometimes you have to make the other half happy also. We know how that can be. LOl
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    Track Results

    racing Yeh I wish the weather Sat was as good as Sundays. I was there Sat. early so I did not know it was called off. So we went to the Home and Garden shop. It is not the same as racing. Hope to see all of you soon. Ron Randall
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    Jan 24th Test & Tune Dinner meet "Roll Call"

    24th. What time is everybody planning on being there ? Email or call me 209-985=5089 Ron Randall Also is there going to be a turbo charged Viper there?