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  1. 90coug

    Rock Auto Discount Code

    233631533107615932 Expires on June 30, 2023, 12:00 Midnight CT
  2. 90coug

    New Engine for the SC

    Was thinking about having Steve build one of these for my SC. :rolleyes: 5007 HP? Is that enough?
  3. 90coug

    '89 - '95 3.8 SC Parts

    Possibly, what year did you need it for?
  4. 90coug

    '89 - '95 3.8 SC Parts

    Intake Manfifold sold Intake Manifold has been sold, thanks Mike C. Bump TTT :)
  5. 90coug

    Hesitation\hard idle (sometimes)

    Right, thanks for the clarification. So, I didn't find any issues with the wiring for the O2's. I then went back to the logs. There are times where bank #1 is adding fuel and bank #2 is removing fuel and the engine is doing nothing more than idling. So my inclination at this point is a massive...
  6. 90coug

    Hesitation\hard idle (sometimes)

    Thanks, Matt. I think you might be on to something. I'll inspect the wires on the O2's and see what I can find. When referencing banks 1&2. Which side is 1 and which side is 2 ? I think I've always been confused by that. I've always assumed bank 1 was passenger side of the block. Also, code 173...
  7. 90coug

    Hesitation\hard idle (sometimes)

    Yea, I think that's because I'm playing with the pedal. That log was me pulling out of the driveway in reverse. Placing it in drive and then flooring it going nowhere. I then went back into the garage. I take it you're looking at the STFT 1&2 being high 29's? Not sure what to make of that. I'm...
  8. 90coug

    Hesitation\hard idle (sometimes)

    Good morning, Yea, the pressure stays after engine is cut off. Might be worth checking again but the few times I did it was okay. Seems as though the Regulator and Injectors are holding pressure as they should. No odor of gasoline ever. Still leaning towards an intermittent pump or clogged...
  9. 90coug

    Hesitation\hard idle (sometimes)

    Quarterhorse shows the maf voltage moving as it always has so I don't think that's an issue. Have a fuel gauge on the test port, reads 30-40 at idle. Problem is car only has issues when driving around and occasionally at idle.
  10. 90coug

    Hesitation\hard idle (sometimes)

    Solved the problem, sold the car.
  11. 90coug

    94/95 Motor mounts.

    I think I still have a set. Let me dig them up and I'll send some pictures.
  12. 90coug

    SCP Air Box, 3"OD Tube, 4"OD Filter

    I have a SCP Air Box that came with their Fresh Air Intake Kit. I also have a 3" OD tube but this is home made and not from the SCP kit. Also have a 4" OD cone filter. Filter is squished a bit but fairly clean and is a cleanable. SCP Air Box $40+shipping Tube $15+shipping Filter free+shipping...
  13. 90coug

    DPFE Sensor Diagnostics HOWTO

    I recently fixed trouble codes 332 and 335 on my SC the other day. These two codes on the '94 - '95 SC's point to a possibly failed Pressure Feedback Sensor or some type of issue with the EGR system. If you're like me ditching the EGR setup is not an option and diagnosing the problem is needed...
  14. 90coug

    FR ABS Sensor 94/95SC

    I'm looking for the front passenger side, yea. Inside of car? Could you send me some pictures by chance? Thank you, Bryce
  15. 90coug

    FR ABS Sensor 94/95SC

    Looking for a Front Right ABS sensor for a 94/95 SC. Thanks, B
  16. 90coug

    Pillar Pod 2 Gauge 94-97 Thunderbird

    I have a 2 Gauge Pillar Pod for the 1994-1997 Thunderbirds. I'm including the spray can I painted it with, too. Below are the details, let me know if you have any questions. ************** Auto Meter 10-118 (10118) 2 Gauge Pillar Pod for 94-97 Thunderbird = $25.00 Color Bond #66 Ford LT Mocha...
  17. 90coug

    5% Overdrive Jack Shaft Pulley - Lightweight Aluminum

    Falcon, You forgot to include the shipping.
  18. 90coug

    3.8L Billet Aluminum Wire Looms

    Sold, thank you.
  19. 90coug

    3.8L Billet Aluminum Wire Looms

    I have a set of used 3.8L Billet Aluminum Looms. These were created for use with a set of LiveWires. I'm asking $30.00 shipped to your door. Regards, Bryce