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    Brake light ( e brake light) when accelerating

    When I accelerate the brake light will come on for about 5-7 seconds then go back on . Only from a dead stop. Seems like when I accelerate somewhat heavily it does it more often than not . What can this be
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    Transmission seems to give out occasionally?

    I have not checked trans fluid when hot , I will as soon as I take it for a spin . I will most definitely check for codes as I forgot to mention that the CEL turns on in that time frame of it dying down and then goes away when it returns to normal . If it’s not the TV cable adjustment or low...
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    Transmission seems to give out occasionally?

    When driving the car occasionally when it’s at the point where it would shift it just seems like it dies down , revs drop , car shakes , press the gas and it doesn’t move . I wait a couple seconds , the revs go back up and the trans engages , what could this be ? Auto car by the way
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    Climate control E7 error code

    I can not adjust the temperature on the climate control and it shows is E7 and only blows cold air , what is the E7 code it’s throwing and how can I fix it ?
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    JBL system rear speakers

    im wondering if my 92 SC has the rear speakers on sides or behind the head rests, it has the JBL system btw. another question , does anyone have a link on taking them out ?
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    Vehicle maintenance monitor clips

    My monitor is loose on one side due to the back clip on one side not being there . Is there a way I can buy the clip ? Do they sell it somewhere or does someone sell it ?
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    Fuel gage stuck in one place

    if I fill up my tank to 3/4 it marks it 3/4. Keep driving the car until it’s at about 1/2 tank than turn it off . Gauge drops to where shown in the posted pic and stays there , it’s like once it just to around 2/5 of a tank it just goes that mark as shown in the pic and doesn’t move at all . It...
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    Resonator alternative

    do you have a link to your channel ? Yeah just changing the resonator probably won't do much, I'm thinking of just saving up a good bit to buy the SCP true dual catback exhaust instead of just changing little things bit by bit , mine as well save up for a bit and do the entire exhaust all at once
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    Exhaust sizes 2/ 1/4”, 2 1/2” or 3”

    What are the pros and cons of each sizes , would there be any harm in going with the largest (3in) ?
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    Resonator alternative

    No raspiness or fart sounds ? Do you have a video of it by chance ?
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    Looking for the owner !

    just checked it out , new set up definitely sounds better, what is it that you changed in the exhaust system ?
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    Looking for the owner !

    But is it raspy or tin can sounding ?
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    Looking for the owner !

    thanks for the link , I have a question . Whats a good exhaust set up that'll sound like Micah's (no raspiness just nice and clean)?
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    Looking for the owner !

    I just wanted to know the exhaust set up because it sounds sweet , no raspiness at all
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    Looking for the owner !

    Does anyone know if the owner of this car is in this community ? YouTube channel name says Micah , if anyone does could you please reach out to him I have questions
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    Keyless remote entry 92 SC

    Did the 89-92 SC’a have remote fobs ? I can only find stuff on 93-95
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    92 SC trouble starting

    Thing has to crank for a solid 3 seconds than turns on . Sometimes it just cranks and doesn’t turn on and I have to turn back key wait a couple seconds and than it turns on . First time it did that and I got it to turn on . I turned it off and back on (2-3 second start) . Turned it back off and...
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    Where to buy motor mounts for 92 SC

    Is there a significant difference in ride smoothness from solid mounts in comparison to the hydraulic ones ?
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    Where to buy motor mounts for 92 SC

    Do you recommend the westar motor mount or DEA/ Marmon motor mount ?
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    Where to buy motor mounts for 92 SC

    I apologize, I had got done reading about replacement shocks and was talking about it with my dad as I typed it and I thought I was somehow talking about shocks ‍