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    Tubular K-Member (Round 2)

    Thanks Guys Appreciate the replies and that's a real bummer. What issues were you having with your struts Rich? Would you say it's worth looking for one someone wants to get rid of although I doubt those who have them want to part with them.
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    Tubular K-Member (Round 2)

    Any update on this?? I don't even see the AJE K members for sale anymore so are there any options for us currently? Thanks!
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    Club members

    Hey Dan, I just need the pieces where the pipes meet up top IE where the tube meets the top hat and where the lower tube meets the intake plenum. I have the teflon gaskets at the intercooler side. I think I have the others somewhere but have looked high and low but can't seem to find them. I...
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    Club members

    I am still around and have both of my SC's. My 5 speed I am using almost daily between that and my XJR Jag. My auto car is going back to the transmission shop soon here but still runs. Let's get something together guys! My best email is
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    how much do we save in weight?? aje "K" member setup...

    So how many cubes this time :D
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    REMOTE Keyless Conversion Adapters

    Anymore? I would love to get one if you still have some please! I have the keyless entry module, the remotes, and one of my cars has the door keypad. Is there anyway to get this to work on a car that doesn't have the keypad? Does anyone know if the wiring is still there at least? I know the...
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    SC Shootout redemption, & new stick shift record.

    Way to go Nice job Corey, impressive results, and still more in it I bet.
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    1990, 5-speed, 35th Anniversary T-Bird for sale - SOLD

    what an amazing example of a 35th you have there GLWS love it!
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    SC parts for sale

    How much for a good cooling fan? Have they been tested? Are both speeds working and no bearing noise? If so how much shipped to 94010. Thanks
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    New SC owner from CA

    congrats on the new ride and welcome!
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    New Griffin Radiator

    Already have the FMIC and was considering doing just what you mention for a full length radiator on my auto car. I was considering a good aluminum replacement for my 5 speed and like what was posted above for a decent replacement.
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    New Griffin Radiator

    Any idea what group buy pricing might be? I may be interested but not at their current price since it's cheaper and easy enough for me to get a generic aluminum radiator from say jegs for a much cheaper price. I know they make great quality products which I like but having a hard time with the...
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    FREE!!! 93 Hood

    I would take it if you were closer. GLWS!
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    Lot of goodies for sale

    That's a bummer with how much work you have done to it. Good luck with the sale and hope you change your mind!
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    90 SC won't idle :(

    As 35thpartdeux stated one more post and you can send PM's since I can't send you a pm shoot me an email at and I'll give you my cell. If it is not the wires it could be a vacuum leak. What is your vacuum at idle? does that car start up every time? Also make sure your...
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    90 SC won't idle :(

    I live in Burlingame CA and not sure where you are at but more than willing to help you out. Are you sure the mechanic put the wires in the right firing order? Some of the books are wrong check this thread and get back to me. You...
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    Lot of goodies for sale

    going with a new power adder?
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    Free Part.... READ for some examples.. PICK UP ONLY!! (Parts Are Gone)

    Hey Karl, Thanks for everything and yes many good things were included that most will be used so thanks again. Hope to see you back soon and good luck!:D
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    The saga of the Turd 2: Texas Turd Edition

    I think he got it off Jegs if I remember correctly
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    Free Part.... READ for some examples.. PICK UP ONLY!! (Parts Are Gone)

    Do you still have the 93 tank? I am in the bay area and can pick it up.