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    Angry Bird update and electrical ID

    Thanks. I've seen pictures of that one before. It would be fun to see in person. It it interesting. However, if I was going to try something like this, I'd do it the opposite, make the front SC and the rear Tudor. It would be more aerodynamic and safer. But, for me, I'm looking to maintain...
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    Angry Bird update and electrical ID

    John, Cool. Thanks for helping me think this through! Actually, I'm thinking it will work best if I convert the Tudor to a "unibody". But, let's back up. My goal is to have my SC back with all its performance (and hopefully more) and comfort back (that you've come to enjoy), but look like...
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    1991 Ford Thunderbird

    plugnickle submitted a new Showcase Item: 1991 Ford Thunderbird Read more about this showcase item here...
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    Angry Bird update and electrical ID

    Wow. I have a '91 SC that I bought new and drove it ~150,000 miles. It has the manual box. After the shifter broke for the 3rd time, I parked it. That was about 7 years ago. I've just retired and have bought a '54 Ford Tudor. I'm planning to put the SC running gear under the 54. It is...
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    Newbie Just found this. I'm in Fort Worth. I have a 91 SC. Are there routine get togethers happening?