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    Viton supercharger plug O-ring

    Long shot here (I know), but do you have any of these available or at least the measurements?
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    O-ring size for supercharger fluid plug

    Does anyone have the specs handy for the supercharger fluid plug o-ring? I'm away from home, so I don't have a chance to measure it, but I'd like to get one on order. Thanks!
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    Jeff's 3.8 and 4.2 Projects.

    Oooo! Well, please keep me in mind if you do have a left over one. And thanks for the CAD file!
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    M90 Coupling

    Good to know. Thanks.
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    Questions about parts for supercharger snout rebuild...

    Thanks for the input, fellas. If you have any part numbers, that would be great. I continued reading about the front seal last night and had a heck of a time. The SKF and Chicago Rawhide part numbers I found on the forum yielded no hits to purchase. I think I sourced the correct double-lipped...
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    M90 Coupling

    Chris, I'm doing some reading on couplers, and I bumped into this thread. How did that Dorman unit perform on your setup?
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    Questions about parts for supercharger snout rebuild...

    Hello all, Gathering parts for the snot refresh. I've spent a few hours reading and I have a few questions: 1- What's the best material for the supercharger coupler? I've seen nylon, glass-reinforced nylon, polyurethane, carbon fiber, and Delrin. I'm really curious about the carbon fiber...
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    Jeff's 3.8 and 4.2 Projects.

    By the wouldn't happen to have a leftover UHMW coupler for the supercharger, do ya? :)
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    Jeff's 3.8 and 4.2 Projects.

    Great thread man!
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    Ford 3.8 Experimental Engine

    When you think you know everything about da birds, and then something like this comes along. This is the first time I'm reading about this engine. Great piece of history! A few months ago, I stumbled upon an SC that Aston Martin used as the test mule to build their Twin M90 V600 engines. Lots of...
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    Spark Plug Wires Recommendations?

    Got it, good to know. Thanks, Chris!
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    Spark Plug Wires Recommendations?

    Interesting. Rock Auto lists the 96 3.8 wires as PN WR4099. Do you recall if those are the ones you used?
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    My observations on new Spectra Radiator CU1879 for 94-95 SC's.

    Replacing a few hoses on the Teal car soon, so I was referencing some of my previous posts. In case anyone is interested in replacing the lower hose clamp with something similar to the OEM configuration, I found these clamps for a Suzuki Samurai that are very similar. The head of the tightening...
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    Doing head gaskets on the 94! It's been a while, so I have a few questions...

    Thank you, Chris and Nick, for the info and suggestions! I think I've ordered about 90% of what I'll need. Doing a straight HG repair with ARP studs, redoing all heater hoses in the back of the engine and oil cooler hoses (rad hoses are not too old and I replaced myself when I did the...
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    Spark Plug Wires Recommendations?

    My memory is super hazy here, but didn't those wires have different resistance or something? I vaguely recall that we SC guys couldn't use Motorcraft wires from the N/A birds.
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    Doing head gaskets on the 94! It's been a while, so I have a few questions...

    Thanks for the info, MadMikeyL. The straight edge is on order. Regarding the EGR sensor....I also don't get a good feeling about the new plastic offering from Motorcraft. So, after doing a little bit of homework, I ordered Ford PN: F5RZ-9J460-A, which is an OEM metal sensor shared with other...
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    94-95 Alternative Replacement Harmonic Balancer

    Very good read here! Thanks for the info, L3130. So, if I understood this correctly, you believe that your failure was due to the shorter bolt? Does anyone know what length is the "longer" balancer bolt offered by SCP? I'll be adding a BHJ to one of mine soon.
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    35th Anniversary registry closing down

    I'd love to restart the registry. If anyone has a lead to get in touch with Lance, I'd appreciate it.
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    Performance parts for sale

    Is the balancer the SFI or non-SFI version?
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    WTB Vehicle Maintenance Monitor (VMM) 89-93

    I dropped the ball with this conversation. My apologies. Fab, I sent you a message.