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    Tire size question

    Besides rolling the fenders what other kids are needed?
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    Looking for an EGR Adapter

    Looking for an EGR adapter for the MPX Inlet.
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    Purchased Used Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) 'What did I buy? (Pics)

    Thank You, Figured it out This is a Lincoln MAF. I bought it off a wrecked Super Coupe in CA. I thought it was a C&L. I will have to keep looking for a 80mm or 85mm C&L with a purple tube.
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    Purchased Used Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) 'What did I buy? (Pics)

    Purchased Used Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) 'What did I buy?
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    Clutch Pedal Bushing Permanent Repair

    Do you think that the following could be adapted to our cars. It is a Ford truck replacement:
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    Smoke! Then blown fuse

    I have a 94 SC with the JBL Premium audio that the sub woofer went in. I bought a used amp and sub assembly with a JL Audio speaker installed and it blew the 40 amp fuse. My research leads me to believe that the used assembly was out of a older SC that used a 12V signal to turn on. I am not...
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    Automatic Rad in A Manual car

    Is there any drawbacks to running an automatic radiator in a manual car. I am assuming there is a smaller cooling area but was hoping for some opinions.
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    Performance Parts! MPX, js pulley, n2mb wot box Prices Reduced!

    Fuel injectors PM sent regarding injectors.
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    10% Crankshaft pulley size and brand

    Good idea! Thank you!
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    Wow, no postings in here since 2008?

    Nice to hear from you. It has been pretty slow here. I am usually looking at the Ontario chapter.
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    10% Crankshaft pulley size and brand

    What size belt is recommended and brand for a 10%crankshaft pulley. I researched and checked the faq but could not find a recommendation. Best regards, Swervin
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    items sold

    Pullies Private message sent!
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    Niche Scope T10

    They are true directionals. I have been looking for years for something that mimics the stock wheels. Just have to figure out the offsets. Anybody have some ideas?
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    Niche Scope T10

    Thank You!
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    Niche Scope T10

    I am looking to install these wheels on my 94 SC. It is only available in 19 & 20 diameters with 8.5 and 9.5 inch widths respectively. I was hoping to get some offset recommendations with out rolling the inner fender front or rear. Since...
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    Other cars with 5x108 bolt pattern

    larger stock wheel design I would be very interested in those rims. I have not found a better rim design than my 94 wheel.
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    Rim choices..Opinions??

    Wheels The great thing about super coupe styling is how clean the lines are. I think the simpler the wheel the better so I would rank them Gt500, GT40 and GT500 anniversary last. I still think that the stock directional is the nicest wheels for these cars. The stock wheels in a 18 inch diameter...
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    Regul8r's project in the works

    Exhaust Progress Did the new downtubes show up?
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    WTB Pullies.

    Want to buy stock size aluminum accessory pullies. Swervin