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    1990 35th anniversary 5 speed with 49000 miles

    I'd be looking very carefully at the buyer that backed out! If I were the suspicious kind.
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    1993 Blue SC 5-speed great condition 63,000 miles black leather int.

    Fold down rear seat? Overall interior condition?
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    1994 5-Speed

    Nice looking stang, wish your SC were a little closer and I didn’t already have an SC project. Good luck with your sale. Someone wants that rare car!
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    1989 Autorotor Blue SC, for sale in Northern KY, plus extras and FMIC kit - $7000

    Nice car, shouldn't have any problem getting your asking, notwithstanding the Teves II that's the schnizzle!
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    Ircm with e code

    Never mind
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    fuel related intermittent no start issue

    FYI These are now available at Rockauto see "body control module" under electronics tab. Also available from some auto parts houses. These are reman'd components from Cardone and Standard Motor Products.
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    Ircm with e code

    Need an IRCM from a 95 SC, shipped to 60107 Call me at 630-440-9150 ASAP.
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    fuel related intermittent no start issue

    Clicking was ID'd to be the ARC shocks not being found. Beginning to suspect the ICRM. Is there a difference between the early & late model ICRM's? 5-speed & auto?
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    fuel related intermittent no start issue

    I’ve got an intermittent no start problem on a 95 Auto SC. I’ve replaced the fuel pump (and complete fuel sending unit) and filter recently. When I turn the key on I get two clicks from the left side of the trunk. I checked/reset the bump switch but it didn’t help. This morning it started up...
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    Periodic no start.

    I had this a few months ago, couldn't possitively ID fuel pump, but not knowing the history I had the entire sending unit replaced along with fuel filter, also took the engine down to the head gaskets and refreshed everything, gaskets and ARP bolts, lifters, plugs, wires, valve stem gaskets...
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    Shoot out smack talk starts NOW

    I hope to race my bone stock 95, no truck.
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    Shoot out smack talk starts NOW

    That's funny...
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    Late model (95) 5-speed swap

    Wanting to know what's needed besides the mechanical stuff for a 5-speed swap in a 1995 SC. Does the existing wiring for the auto car have what you need for the 5-speed? Does the EEC need to be changed? If I tackle the swap it would be done while the engine is out. I've got a passing...
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    New (to me) 95 SC Auto

    This is actually the second one I've bought in the last few months. I bought the white one Randy sold a couple of years ago that came back with blown HG's. after Randy put new HG's on it I went to pick it up and found there were other issues besides the HG's. Then the slave cylinder gave out on...
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    New (to me) 95 SC Auto

    Thank for the confirmation Mike! Can I cut the OE down tube and use them as the starting place for the X-pipe retrofit from MES instead of using their gen 1 parts? I pulled codes last night after work. 214 in memory, Cylinder ID (wiskey tango foxtrot?) 623, A40D trnasmission referrence, (again...
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    New (to me) 95 SC Auto

    Pretty sure they won't work on the Gen 2 application.
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    New (to me) 95 SC Auto

    The color change was performed relatively Professionally, door jamb, trunk and underhood rails were all taped off and painted to make for a more finished look. the paint surface appears to have some wierdness but so far I have yet to wash it and inspect it carefully, oh and the color change was...
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    New (to me) 95 SC Auto

    I just finished driving home in my new 95 SC Auto. It has 117K miles, rebuilt engine 45K ago, factory rebuilt Transmission 85K ago, new coat of paint in 06, a bunch of suspension parts over 2011 to 2013. I flew out to Philidelphia, bought the car and driove it home to Chicago, a grueling 14...
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    94 SC 5spd

    Wow, nice car @ $2000 to only need a slave cylinder! And $4000 to the OP seems low but is very realistic considering the current market for a car with that many miles.